A question occurred to me that i thought i would share.

it asks, if free will exists can we renounce it?

if the answer is yes we can renounce it, then how do we maintain our renunciation without the power of free will?

if the answer is no we cannot, then the question is asked, is free will forced upon us? and if it is forced upon us then can we not surrender our will to god/the universe/the higher self?

i cant remember if it was Thomas Aquinas or St Augustine that said that Man only has will, in that he is ignorant of gods will and mistakes god's will for his own. perhaps we have no free will and are purely ignorant of the will of the universe. but where does this leave renunciation? is there such a thing? or is renunciation mere illusion as well? is there such a thing as choice, spiritual progress, or the Bodhisattva path? or are these not choices and commitments at all but the product of the inevitable will of the universe?

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Comment by Susan Thomas on May 10, 2009 at 9:01pm
Mikayl, do you think there can be varying degrees of free will? Could it be a kind of karmic payout, like a pycheck from work? You can have more free will if you earn it?

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