You have known your entire life you are here to serve a greater purpose. What you do not know is exactly what that purpose is or what the driving force behind it is. Yet, ever since you were young, you have been aware of it.
Realizing that sense of purpose, feeling it, is the first moment the Navigator makes itself known to you. In its own way your Navigator is trying to reveal to you the nature of your being. How much it reveals to you depends on the choices you make.

For the Navigator to be effective we must listen to it, because like any other instinct, we can repress it, ignore it or be strengthened by it. The Navigator provides an instinctual sense of the truth. As babies, instinctively we know to suckle milk from our mother, so too instinctively we know that the Navigator leads to knowledge that will aid in awakening. This instinct alone will not lead to awakening. You must refine your ability to understand what the Navigator is saying.
It is the responsibility of individuals to train themselves to listen and be aware of the Navigator’s communications. Even if it is ignored and pushed away, the Navigator can never be destroyed.
In the journey up the stream, there were many times the salmon’s instinct was ignored or abandoned. Yet, the instinct was still there, waiting for you to listen to it and continue on your journey. The Navigator is a part of you, waiting for you to recognize it and choose to listen, so that it can fulfill its purpose and help you achieve your higher purpose.
That is right, you have a higher purpose.
Although you may have already felt this throughout your entire life, it is important to acknowledge it. As I mentioned earlier, feeling is the first way the Navigator begins to subtly reveal itself. Are you beginning to see the quiet way of the Navigator? Its purpose, its very design, is to help you achieve yours.
Your higher purpose ties strongly into what you really are. Beyond who you are right now, the person reading these words, there is another part of you. It is your higher self. Your dimensional consciousness. It is your higher consciousness.

Our dimensional consciousness is the truest form of what we are. It is the culmination of all of our lives and experiences. I said lives because we are capable of moving beyond the life we are living now and being reborn into another. Our dimensional consciousness may contain the memories of a great many lives, or this life may be our first. The dimensional consciousness is really our soul, which is just another word to describe it. It is our most complete consciousness.
Imagine if every time we read a book we forgot everything else about our life, or any other book we have ever read, and believed we were the character in the book. It is an absurd thought but that is what has happened!
We have forgotten the totality of what we are. We believe we are only our immediate personality, living this one life in this one body at this one time. That is what it means to be asleep. We have forgotten all that we are. The Navigator is trying to reach down and show us we are not the person in the book but the one reading it with knowledge far beyond the simple pages of our life!

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Comment by Emmanuel Ikan Astillero on August 26, 2012 at 5:41am

OK. How do we get in touch or be more aware of the Navigator? And what techniques would apply to make good use of the Navigator?

Comment by Hari Menon on August 26, 2012 at 12:01am

Dear Izabella ,

 Yes very true we have to learn to listen to ourselves , It is only when we start to learn to listen to ourselves that we find how enriching and life enhancing it can become . I would like to venture something about memory within the context of what you have put up in your blog . We all have memories which scientists and experiences prove to be impressions of actually experienced events. A person cannot have in memory what he has not experienced   Now what I have been given to understand is that memory resides in the place where it was originally experienced and is insentient but nevertheless standing in time and space at the same place but in a consciousness which we would approximate to the  dream state ( It is a state of consciousness just as the waking state is - I use it in the larger sense ) The person recollecting a far away event (or a near one for that matter) actually has a subtler state of existence which is a transcendental one above that of the ohysical and it only gives us an idea of the magnitude of the mind - Now How is recollection effected ? It is through a modification of the mind only - though the experiencer was distanced by the actual experience in time and space at the time of recollection there is no "going out to any place '' or a "coming back to'' as we may initially be wont to interpret in purely  physical terms - so one can imagine (and experience) the magnitude of the mind in all recollection which is reflected within us (in the physical) as a small distance or "effort" or "movement'' within our physical self . So basically we stand within our mind - the individual and cosmic mind is only one there are no many minds - but due to our consciousness of being attached to the body ingress into another mind is not possible . In dream we travel to far off places in a few seconds which physically would take hours or days - anyone who has experienced such would at that time be in the consciousness of the mind and experience all objects as if in real life . The sub stratum of the our waking state is the dream state and one "moves'' as if it were without actually moving. Clairaudience is easily effected by adepts through the medium of the modifications of the mind and as such appear to be two places at the same time - the perceiver of such a phenomenon though in the waking state would have personally attained to  a higher consciousness. There are 9 stages of consciousness corresponding to the 3 physically experienced ones and taking one through the seven stages of wisdom - viz the 9 stages are (each progressively subtler and more pervasive than the other ).

Waking in Waking,Waking in Dream,Waking in Sleep - all relate to the waking State

Dream in Waking , Dream in Dream, Dream in Sleep - these to the dream state

Sleep in Waking , Sleep in Dream , Sleep in Sleep - these relate to the sleeping state.

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