I used to write a considerable amount, but I ceased the more I realized how little I knew and began to think less of my thoughts. Ego, is a strange thing. Anyhow, it will be good for me to do some introspection, so here's an introduction...


"Son Liu Strahz Danya" is pseudonym; a (silly) phonetical nod to my Ukrainian-Rusyn heritage. I once thought to legally change my name to it as I thought assigning names with predetermined meaning to children before they developed as a person was peculiar if not potentially damaging, but I have since come to respect what the cosmos decided for me and see the significance in a name.


I have had many mystical, metaphysical, spiritual, what-have-you experiences through my life, like: rampant déjà vu, scintillating scotoma inspired geometric auras, prophetic dreams, entheogenic voyages, meditative visions, and other unusual happenings. These experiences and what I've studied have left me feeling that the predominately material focus of our civilization is severely flawed if not entirely pointless, and I was miserable for most of my life having to take a part in the nonsense and malicious schemes of others.


I have spent years consciously unlearning the venomous programming of the greedy society I was born into, trying to better myself and the world around me in the process, all the while seeking some sort of "truth" to fill a hole in my heart. Having not known my father and feeling rather lost for it at times, I have always had a deep empathy for humanity as whole, being lost and not fully knowing its origins or purpose.


I was raised in Christian faith, but I rejected it around 12 or 13 years of age mostly for qualms I had with the idea of eternal condemnation, especially of those who are born and die in ignorance of the religion. I do however, respect many of its teachings still. I greatly enjoyed communion with others from time to time at Unitarian Universalist churches; cherishing the respect and shared curiosity, and hoping to gain further insight about our reality. I have come to a spiritual belief best described as a marriage of principles in Monistic Idealism and Buddhism with an understanding of "god" to be like that of Brahman.  I'm always seeking to go further, ultimately hoping for sustained enlightenment and transcendence, as well as contributing in some fashion to my current belief in an infinite fractal reality where consciousness seeks to create more consciousness.  


Some of the recent hobby studies I've concerned myself with are fractals; sacred geometry and its correlation to sound and thus the organization of matter (like cymatics); various systems of magic in different cultures, and Theosophy.


I am very thankful for finding this community and being accepted. I also hope that I can grow with it and make a contribution to it in time. 

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Comment by Son Liu Strahz Danya on September 17, 2011 at 3:10pm

@ Heidi: I'm curious, do you have anything in the same vein written that you could link to?


@ Capt. Anand: Thank you very much! I try to maintain compassion for both those in ignorance and those who would condemn them =) .


@ Joe: Thank you, I sure hope I do haha. I appreciate the offer and will undoubtedly seek some specific guidance in the near future.

Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on September 10, 2011 at 9:34pm

Welcome Son Liu. True discovery of self is not what all of us can accomplish and I commend you for that.


Please be a little more compassionate towards those "who are born and die in ignorance of the religion"

Comment by Heidi Ann Maycroft on September 10, 2011 at 1:42pm
Thank you for posting Son Liu Strahz Danya; some of this like a mirror to me. [big warm smile]

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