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I share with you some wise words of Robert Crosbie and John Garrigues on the theme “Obstacles and opportunities.”



“Everybody on the Path goes through similar obstacles; by having them and overcoming them, you become teachers with knowledge of how to help. If you had no obstacles, you would not know how. Thank Karma for “obstacles.”

“Even this will pass away” is a good motto to keep in mind, when things come up that are hard to stand. The “easy” and happy times are the periods of rest; the “hard” times are the periods of training – opportunities for gaining strength and knowledge. If we can look at both in this light, we shall not be overcome by either.” [1]


“From the point of view of the Soul, there is only one real obstacle, and that is our failure to see in whatever befalls us a lesson to be learned - and therefore a golden opportunity to grow in strength and understanding. Would we gain knowledge, without dispelling ignorance? Would we acquire strength without overcoming weakness? Would we have opportunities without surmounting obstacles? Weakness overcome is strength, ignorance dispelled is knowledge, obstacles surmounted are opportunities; to learn instead of to enjoy and suffer is Wisdom.” [2]


Regards, Magda


[1] “The Friendly Philosopher”, Robert Crosbie, The Theosophy Company, Los Angeles and New York City, 1945, p.4

[2] “Obstacles and Opportunities” by John Garrigues-

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