Earth: a hard school

Ensconced in the upper realms of the subtle divine, as a receptor of the divine outpourings, we are self fulfilled and seemingly free of negativity. However, the Universe wishes that apart from our enableability as a willing & open receptor, we be a strong & reliable transmitter of the divine energy as well and therefore, to enable us be to become as such, to test us, strengthen us and fit us for the task, we are plunged into the extreme duality of earth life to be forged in its fire.

Earth life is a hard school. Our memory of both the subtle domain as well as our past lives stands erased, meaning that we need to rely only upon our reflex responses, for it is these which need to be honed. Rephrased, we may say that as a receptor, our stance becomes somewhat lazy & Tamasic and therefore upon Earth, we act from this lowest state of consciousness and that too, in an environment where most people are enslaved by the egoistic ephemeral. We tend to adapt to our environment and therefore have to make a special effort to get to the Satvik level, for which the first step is to free our mind from delusion, which arises out of the dualistic illusion we find ourselves within.

We have been thrown a lifeline to enable us free our consciousness. It is our conscience, which is ever connected to the Universe. However, if our state of stupor is at a lower level, we get immersed in gross egoistic indulgences and we simply do not pause to listen to the voice of our conscience. Redemption lies within, so close and yet so far. However, more often than not, we fail to notice it.

It is the pause, the stillness, we need to cultivate. Pause from thought, word & deed. Stillness of our mind & body. All that is needed is an exit of our attention from the external ephemeral egoistic domain, instead entering the internal eternal divine be-ness, in the continuum of the now.

Our attachments, fears & desires brought about by egoistic indulgences is the anchor, our addiction, the noose, the snare, which compels our attention, drawing it away from the eternal internal and reeling it back to the ephemeral external domain.

The cause & effect being thus known, all we need to do is to employ our free will to undo habits of old, disowning them and instead voluntarily choosing to prioritise the inner life, our real life, by engaging therein for the bulk of the time of our waking consciousness. The remaining time, when we engage in the external, we do so as a non-doer, simply nonchalantly witnessing & detachedly observing events as they unfold, knowing that the Universe has optimised each life experience to hasten our evolution.

With this revised orientation and understanding, we breeze through the vagaries of earth life since our benchmark to assess destiny is the evolution of our consciousness, not the indulgences of our ego, enmeshed in fears & desires. 

We may orient ourselves as such if we so choose. With divine assistance.

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