Different sides for bad situations

    It seems like there are always bad situations because let's face it that it life. However, there are always different sides to every situations to help and/or guide us through the way. If we are not too hasty to make quick decisions out of panic, worry, anger or revenge we can then be able to be still within ourselves. The "being still" is that trusting, knowing and faith you got to have deep down inside to know everything will be fine. "Being still" proves also that trusting a deeper voice is able to be heard inside. Some people call it just a conscious, but I like to call it a 'higher conscious.' Some people even would refer to it as being the Holy Spirit. 

     I had talked to my pastor one time about what this 'higher conscious' was, andhe had said it was really like a 'second conscious' that one can learn from some form of achieving a second nature. Our first nature was the fact of us being complete sinner and the area where we are doing whatever we want to do meanwhile hurting ourselves and hurting other people, too. Then he said when we are raised from the dead the water is just symbolic in itself because it entails just what had been around at the times of John the Baptist. Now followers of Christ are necessarily supposed to be baptized, but some Christians do not feel that it is necessary. Anyway, it is once you have been symbolically baptized it helps a person to become even more in synch with what the Holy Spirit is telling you, and it will never steer you wrong.

    I am guilty of this because I have that voice that tells me "Do not go over there." and then when I do go over there I am the first person who will cry and groan when things become messed up, lol. So in the tougher and bad situations I figure it is just best to be quiet, and rejoice...for it did say we are to rejoice in suffering and then like when we do it helps us make us stronger. Whatever does not kill a person will in fact make them stronger to be able to go on in their lives. I just hate it that when you have a bad situation and then it seems like just EVERYTHING around you goes under and you are left with nothing but worry that sometimes it may even drive some people to drink.

     I just like to think that there are different sides to every situation though, otherwise life would never go on because then like everyone would give up or whatever. I figure it is okay to sometimes give up something becuase if it is for you I believe somehow it wil come back to you because it was called for you to have from your total existence. But, I used to always give up on everything and giving up on everything hurt me even more. So, now I just keep trying and when I do 'let go' I just let go to a higher presence because sometimes things get so bad sometimes and I do not want to go back to harming myself again either. Also, usually when I do listen to the voice things work out. 

    I am stuck in a rut right now, lol based on things I do not wish to make publically known right now. However, just by positive reinforcement statements I am saying a lot to myself right now, then I am looking in the mirror and smiling (becuase when you smile subconsciously it boosts your mood-which it is actually helping out, seriously it works!) I am doing some meditation challenge that I had learned on super soul sunday off of the Oprah network last Sunday when she was talking with Deepak Chopra. It is the 21-day challenge by the way. I do it for around 15 or so min. Then I am going to my gut, and am noticing things are not getting as bad for me. I am also noticing that I am able to center around just taking care of lots of areas, so I am thinking that this bad situation that I am dealing with really not be bad afterall! 

     So, I am trusting, then I am doing lots and lots of phone calls. It is a good thing becuase truthfully suffering always ends becuase it had always began. Sometimes suffering can stop immediately, and other times suffering can go on for years. The good thing to know that if you trust in the creator he will assist you and you have to listen and be quiet, still, and hear it. He already had said blessed are the weak in Spirit, or in heart....so I was already blessed right there but now I have to just follow it. I have NEVER had a moment where the Creator was trying to harm me. This has just never been the case where God has led me into a pit of destruction. Anyway, I am really low on hope right now because it is just that bad, lol...so now I just listen and slowly follow, but it is getting better slowly.  Who knows, maybe that was why I needed to post my first post on the Beatitudes becuase he was setting up something because my life was about to change? I just don't know, and I do not like to question him any longer either. 

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Comment by PuzzleSolver on August 7, 2013 at 8:35pm

Change is coming :) and yes that's a good thing... Especially when you are able to recognize things in your life that are in necessity of attention like you are now.  I've kinda' found out that going thru those steps of figuring it out like you're doing, makes all those problems somehow seem so much smaller than they actually were!  I find it awesome that you're doing that challenge, how does it work? I'd like to try it out sometime.. 21 days is good and supposedly it takes like 21 days to make a habit. Plus you're picking a good one! Meditating!  I noticed that meditating actually helps with things and unity with God and nature and all that good stuffz, but it's because we are constantly bombarded with information... figuratively all the time getting flooded with stuff..  Tv, Radio, internet, Facebook, crowds, work, noise, smells, errands, etc etc.. your mind is running at full speed all day long, and a good meditation session just hits the brakes on everything and says "Hold on.... My turn!"

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