Can one find valid truth from hidden meanings?

Even tho we read in ignorance/literally/smboliclly (not understood), can any truth come to light from it? Do I remain ignorant or will God hear my plea? When a student of Aristotle questioned Aristotle about a lesson, Aristotle knew the student didn't understand the lesson, so he would rephrase the question.

God knew what was in Sauls mind and heart when he killed Stephan. Does God know what's in my heart to find truth? I want to believe he does. Does further questions bring more questions? I do not understand the hidden meanings of the KJV of the bible. I seek here and someone says it's there.

I question this for that and vice versa. I am becoming bewillered by explanations from different sources/people. Do I know my mind to believe this or that well enough? Do I trust my own interpretations to believe them? To many questions lead to more questions? Can interpreting symbolic words with hidden meanings, bring valid truth are truths? After all is said and done, on my death bed will I die peaceably after searching for valid truths are search with my last breath? Paul

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Comment by John on September 29, 2013 at 9:08am

The books of Job, apocalyptic books, the Wisdom literature etc. is nonsense when taken literally. The Apocryphal works are important also as they contain some very good wisdom literature and are frequently quoted in the New Testament. The entire Septuagint was the standard bible during the times when Jesus as alive. That is an opinion, but it is the only one that has made sense for me.

So I would expect you already have books in the bible that you are probably interpreting as containing hidden/secret meanings. ??

The NRSV of the bible contains the whole Septuagint. I am uncertain if they print the KJV with the Apocrypha? It was included in the first printings. However, I have never seen one that does.


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