Astrological correlates of the Great Invocation by J.Becerra

Astrological Correlates
of the
Great Invocation
By Jose Becerra
The Great Invocation ("third stanza”) was
revealed during the three spiritual Festivals of
1945. These three Spring Festivals were
observed on March 28 (Easter), April 27
(Wesak), and May 27 (Christ's Festival) at
17:46, 10:34 and 01:50 universal (Greenwich)
time, respectively.
The Great Invocation was first
communicated to Alice Bailey on April 17,
1945, that is, between the Easter and Wesak
Festivals of that year. We are also told that the
Christ was first permitted to use the original
seven "very ancient word-forms" of the Great
Invocation at the Gemini Full Moon of 1945.
Presumably, the English translation produced
by Djwhal Khul was dictated to Alice Bailey
earlier as part of the preparation for that
stupendous event (in the same way that a
press release is "embargoed" until a given date
and time).
From Easter through the Christ's
Festival of 1945, the three remote planets of
our solar system, Uranus (sacred, Ray 7), Pluto
(non-sacred, Ray 1) and Neptune (sacred, Ray
6) were each located .in one of the three
astrological Crosses of the geocentric tropical
zodiac. Uranus was in Gemini (Mutable Cross),
Pluto in Leo (Fixed Cross) and Neptune in
Libra (Cardinal Cross). Furthermore, on
Easter these three planets were aligned in a
significant triangular formation as seen from
the earth: Uranus at Gemini 10 degrees,
Neptune at Libra 5 degrees, and Pluto (in their
midpoint) at Leo 8 degrees. It is noteworthy
that the representative of the waning Ray 6
was in retrograde motion while the other two
consistently moved forward throughout this
period. (See table 1 on last page)
The three full moons associated with the
spiritual Festivals of 1945 occurred when the
Sun was positioned in a range of degrees
similar to that of the three remote planets in
each of the three Crosses. On Easter, the Sun
was at Aries 8 degrees (Cardinal Cross); in
Wesak the Sun was at Taurus 7 degrees (Fixed
Cross); and in the Christ's Festival, the Sun
was at Gemini 6 degrees. Interestingly, we are
told that six forces meet in Gemini and all the
rays except the seventh are represented in it.
It is plausible to postulate that the electrical
potency of the Great Invocation was
significantly increased as Uranus bridged, and
thus made live, seventh ray circuits of the
Gemini polarities.
It is very likely that the solilunar
alignments during these three full moon
festivals had profound (even if subconscious)
effects by focusing the energies of Neptune,
Pluto, and Uranus in the first decanates of
each of the three Crosses. On Easter, the Sun,
Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune (conjunct Moon)
were separated by approximately 60 (+ 5)
degrees each, thus forming two interlacing
triangles in the Heavens. On Wesak, Pluto was
at an almost exact midpoint between the Sun
and the Moon (veiling Neptune?), thus forming
an isosceles triangle. Lastly, on the Christ's
Full Moon, the Sun (conjunct Uranus), Pluto,
Neptune, and the Moon (veiling Vulcan?) were
again separated by approximately 60 (+ 5)
degrees, thus forming another set of
interlacing triangles. Throughout this period
covering the three spiritual Festivals, Saturn,
the intermediary between the three remote
planets and the rest of the solar system, was
always significantly engaged in all of these
configurations. Mercury, the Sun's Son, served
as a bridge with the energies of the previous
full moon period. (Table 1, last page)
Therefore, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune
were distinctly linked in triangular formation
during the three spiritual Festivals of 1945 in
each of the Three Crosses. The Sun-Moon
alignments in each of the three Festivals
Astrological Correlates of the Great Invocation Journal of Esoteric Psychology • Volume XIII • No. 1 • 1999
provided a resonant conduit to precipitate on
Earth the chemistry of the Light (Uranus),
Love (Neptune) and Power (Pluto) formulated
in the Great Invocation. These three planets
probably served as focal points for the
overshadowing influences of the Lord Buddha,
Spirit of Peace, and Avatar of Synthesis on the
Christ. The transaturnian planets of our solar
system are probably associated with esoteric
influences beyond the scope of individuals
("collective unconscious”) and, as a
consequence, are most closely related to
Humanity as a whole. According to Dane
Rudhyar, "The voice of the collective is
symbolized by the trinity of remote planets:
Uranus [the projective power of the
unconscious], Neptune [its dissolving power],
and Pluto [its regenerating power]. [These
three] symbolize processes that bring the
unconscious and the subliminal powers to the
threshold of the consciousness. They are thus
intermediaries between the Solar system proper
and the galaxy (author's emphasis)." Again
Dane Rudhyar states, "It is significant that
these have become publicly known at a time
when humanity [was] breaking through
isolating barriers of creed and dogma and all
men flow into the ocean of common humanity.
Uranus became known [1781] as the American
and French Revolutions broke the weight of
feudalism and medievalism; Neptune [1846] as
humanitarianism [Marx's Communist
Manifesto in 1848] swept the world; Pluto
[1930], as mankind [was] getting on its way
toward new structures of social relationships
[the Great War]." (The Astrology of the
Personality, Dane Ruhyhar.)
The Sirian ("galactic”) influence in the
Great Invocation has already been well
documented (Sacred Vessel of the Mysteries,
John Berger). In addition, the importance of
triangular configurations has also been pointed
out, as in the difference between the etheric
bodies of sacred (triangular) compared with
non-sacred (square) planets. The study of
triangles is an integral part of the true science
of astrology.
The influence of Pluto painstakingly
dividing squares into triangles (as in Wesak of
1945), of Uranus linking them in electrical
circuits, and of Neptune providing the
sacrificial fusion between them, should be
recognized. True fusion of separate parts
becoming whole involves sacrifice, the sacrifice
of separateness. This may be the major
contribution of Ray 6, represented by Neptune,
to the Aquarian Age: the spirit of self-sacrifice,
the sacrifice of the illusorily "retrograding"
personality as it becomes progressively infused
with the soul energy. Then, and only then, is
true peace to be found. The soul-infused
individual finally recognizes that "in the
waning of that [separate] self I grow and glow,"
and his internal war is over. This may be an
important influence of the Spirit of Peace
focused in Neptune in the Aquarian Age.
Therefore, the seed of a most significant fusion
was encrypted on the Heavens at the time
when the Great Invocation was released for the
service of the Plan on Earth.
Among the keynotes of Gemini, the sign
under which the Christ first used the Great
Invocation, are recognition of duality and the
interplay between the higher and lower self
until eventually soul control is reached.
Gemini guards the "mystery of duality" and
can present the "word" or sound that leads to
fusion of soul and form. The Great Invocation
is such word or sound of power. It is another
remarkable coincidence that Libra is to "guard
the secret of balance and equilibrium, and
finally to sound the releasing note." Uranus is
the esoteric ruler of Libra and thus the
retrograding of Neptune in the sign of Libra is
a fitting symbol of peace at the end of the
Piscean era and the beginning of the new
Aquarian (Uranian) Age. The Great Invocation
is indeed "the releasing note" of the future.
Dane Rudhyar predicted, "In 1938 Pluto will
enter Leo. This could mark the beginning of
the new era." The release of the Great
Invocation in 1945 was, indeed, the beginning
of a new era of synthesis, brotherhood, and
Since 1979, Neptune has actually been
the most distant planet from the Sun; Pluto
will again be the most distant in 1999. This
will probably mark the definitive end of the
Piscean era. In addition to this imminent
realignment within our solar system, the year
2000 will also bring the impact of the
Shamballa energies on Earth. The Wesak Full
Astrological Correlates of the Great Invocation Journal of Esoteric Psychology • Volume XIII • No. 1 • 1999
Moon on May 18, 2000 will bring an unusual
alignment of planets in the sign of Taurus
(including Saturn at Taurus 21 degrees) while
Uranus transits the sign of Aquarius at 21
degrees too. This will be an impressive
alignment in the Fixed Cross of Heavens.
We should consider that Mercury, the
Seeds Keeper, was in Taurus during the 1945
Christ's Festival and will be part of the Fixed
Cross alignment of the year 2000, exactly 55
years later. Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus
comprise an important esoteric triangle in our
solar system related to energies coming from
the Pleiades (via Capricorn), Ursa Major (via
Leo), and Sirius (via Pisces), respectively. The
unique planetary alignment of May 2000 takes
heightened significance as we consider these
systemic facts. We are told, "God is the ONE
who can withdraw and, in withdrawing, dispel,
dissipate, and devitalize all [that is, illusion,
glamour and maya] that has been created. In
these three activities of that Reality which is
not identified with appearance, the will of God,
the Destroyer aspect of Deity, is beneficently
present. The act of abstraction produces the
dispelling of the illusory world of thought; the
withdrawal of the divine attention dissipates
the sentient universe and brings glamour to an
end; the cessation of divine direction brings
death to the physical world. All these activities
are evidences of the will or of the first aspect--
the will to good which can and will function in
perfection only when goodwill is finally and
fully developed on Earth, through the agency
of humanity." (Glamour: A World Problem,
Alice Bailey, 244) In these words may be
summarized the forthcoming effect of the
definitive withdrawing of the Piscean Age and
the firm and definitive establishment of the
energies released in the Spring of 1945. May
we be able to fulfill our part according to our
accepted responsibility as the Plan of Love and
Light is restored on Earth.
Dr. Becerra is a middle-age physicianresearcher
who for two decades has studied and
practiced the scientific methods of orthodox
science and Djwhal Khul's esotericism, as both
methods require OBSERVATlON to discern
CAUSAL relationships. His esoteric writings
can be accessed at The Hermetic Observatory
website. /ga/thoth8 /
Astrological Correlates of the Great Invocation Journal of Esoteric Psychology • Volume XIII • No. 1 • 1999
Cross Cardinal Fixed Mutable
Signs Aries Cancer Taurus Leo Gemini Virgo
Libra Capricorn Scorpio Aquarius Sagittarius Pisces
Uranus Gemini
[degrees transited] [10º to 13º]
Pluto Leo
[degrees transited] [8º to 8º]
Neptune Libra
[degrees transited] [5º to 4º]
Sun Aries 8º Taurus 7º Gemini 6º
Mercury Aries 25º (Easter) Taurus 14º
(at full moon) Aries 16º (Wesak) (Christ’s)
Saturn Cancer
[degrees transited] [4º to 9º]

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