Mr. Jan Ciglenecki, Slovenian philosopher, is publishing Slovenian translation of Baroness Adelma von Vay’s book Geist, Kraft, Stoff (Spirit, Power, Matter) and is starting to prepare an international symposium dedicated to her life and work.


According to her own words, Adelma von Vay was HPB’s and Colonel Olcott’s: “… our very esteemed friend and fellow, …” (CW 4, p. 180).


You can read something more on Adelma von Vay here:


Towards the end of 19th century Adelma and her husband transferred to Slovenske Konjice (in Slovenia) and lived there till their death (in 1925 and 1921 respectively).


Mr. Ciglenecki is trying to get as more information as possible, especially concerning Adelma Von Vay’s correspondence with HPB, Annie Besant, Emma Hardinge Britten and many others, in regard to the work of the “Verein spiriter Forscher” - Hungarian Spiritualist Association - which she formed with her husband in Budapest in 1873, and any other relative information.


Thanks in advance,

Anton Rozman


p.s. Please, contact me using e-mail address: or directly Mr. Ciglenecki’s e-mail address:


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