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General Theosophy #2

"If you are like me, you will return to H.P. Blavatsky again and again, even though the labyrinths and quagmires of her style may often curdle your enthusiasm for genius.” --General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #1

"If you must write or talk about fundamentally unknowable subjects, at least use the strategy of the medieval mapmakers—that is, instead of pretending precision just make the shoreline crinkly." --General Theosophy…


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Theosophy or Psychological Religion

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” —Emerson

I would have to say that trickery has been a major way that I have played the fool.

Not trying to trick other people. Not even trying to trick myself. The kind of trickery I am referring to is the attempt to cultivate "magical powers" or Siddhis. These are things like traveling anywhere at the speed of thought, controlling all bodily processes,… Continue

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What Is Your Rank?

Richard Ihle

What Is Your Rank?

“What is your rank?”

“S-R6.x(PC7),”I answered.

Of all the ideas I have ever had--whether eventually jettisoned, promulgated for the purpose of semi-Self-aggrandizement, or hoarded like a Rosicrucian before there were web sites with PayPal donations--few notions seem as intuitionally (therefore “Theosophically”) true to me as the existence of a hidden Psycho-Spiritual Hierarchy.

I suppose…


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When the Spirit Doesn't Move You

Richard Ihle

When the Spirit Doesn't Move You

“Incidentally,” said old J.W. von Goethe, “I despise everything which merely instructs me without increasing or immediately enlivening my activity.”

And now, of course, the only thing which is likely to enliven Theosophy, its organizations and individuals, may be a radical shift toward Theosophical psychology. Like old Goethe, many modern people may have little time and/or… Continue

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General Theosophy

Richard Ihle/Captain/General Theosophy

General Theosophy

“The Strange Reincarnation of Captain Theosophy” might be a more apt title, I suppose. . . .

The original “Captain Theosophy” has been dead for thirty years, of course. He was a fictional character who appeared a few times in the pages of the American Theosophist. However, perhaps he was only fictional in the sense of one of General Theosophy’s aphorisms: “Let us pity those who are unable to even fictionalize… Continue

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