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General Theosophy #56

“For Theosophists, the problem is trying to find a needle in the haystack; for Theosophers, it is trying to find a way to get a needle into the haystack.”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #55

“Do not despair if particularly vexatious and unevolved people seem to have become associated with your incarnation.  Just as in Greek and Roman mythology, the highest heroes do not meet merely minor monsters.”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #54

“You can’t take it with you . . . but a Theosopher might assert that you actually can take an incarnation-improved awareness of It with you—and possibly bring it back, too. . . .”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #53

“If staying in the moment were not that important, shaving or applying makeup could be done in front of a photograph.”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #52

The Psychological Key to Theosophy may suggest reversing some common proverbs:

He/She who DOES NOT hesitate is lost.

The Devil finds work for BUSY hands.…


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General Theosophy #51

“Youth may be at least somewhat well spent if it lays the foundation for an old age which realizes that youth has been somewhat mis-spent.”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #50

“Book-based Theosophy is sometimes a slightly suspicious way of searching for Truth without having to feel guilty about doing little or no meditative sitting for It.”—General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #49

"The first straw on a camel's back is probably the one which deserves the most blame, since it taught the least about the weight of straw."--General Theosophy

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General Theosophy #48

“A koan is a riddle which defies intellectual solution yet may improve those who struggle with it long enough.  For examples:  What was your original face before you were born?  What is the sound of one hand clapping?  What is Theosophy?—General Theosophy

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