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this sentence came while I was havin' a shower this morning

Honesty inwards is the discipline needed to realize one's true needs, the needs that all we humans share.

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Thought provoking... ;-)

 Hi, friends!!!

 I don't know why this kind of sentences come to me but they keep on comin'...

 Priests don't understand life because their idea of God is too narrow, while scientists don't understand God because their idea of life is too narrow.

 have fresh fun today, people!!! :-P

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A philosophy summary

  Hi, friends!!!

  I wrote this in Catalan some 2 years ago:

 Health and joy!!!

 It was some ago, this bearded crazy fellow was in the corridors of the Philosophy Faculty, fullfilling this most holy duty of stirring professors who sit too comfortably in their chairs, when the gentle teacher hit with one of his telepathic arrows.

 This is the content of the message, translated into English words: "Boy, you have read so…


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A message from a friend


 Hi, friends!

  I'd like to receive some feedback on the contents of this message before telling where it comes from. Thanks!


My dear friends, I am happy to be with you once more.

My plan is that my teaching should precede my presence and prepare my way. My people will release it through their groups and group endeavour. When mankind is somewhat prepared, my voice shall be heard.

Meanwhile, my efforts are bearing fruit,…


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