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A Meditative Verse of HPB arranged from a note to Voice 0f The Silence (her words); first three lines repeated at end as coda

              The Great Master

               Is the term to indicate

               One's Higher Self.

               It is the equivalent of


               The same as


               With Buddhist


               Atman The Self

               (The Higher Self)

               With Brahmins,

               And Christos



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What about the 6th and 7th sub races as to consciousness changes?

Blavatsky says little about how humanity will evolve into the 6th and 7th so-called subraces. She refers to America becoming a new race by blending of races. But does the 6th develop intuitive faculties after the 5th has advanced mental capacities? Does the 7th evolve Unity of human Selves with cosmic Unity,  in other words, from maximum individualization to All-Reality? Would there be more and more direct contact with the cosmic architects and angel guides  through the 6th and 7th…


Added by Frank Hall on August 29, 2022 at 5:44pm — 2 Comments

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