A number of us here are gainfully employed, either self-employed or working for an employer.  In forums such as this sometimes how we relate to our work experience gets missed.  We relate to our jobs in many ways. 

For example, there are moral issues, such as fairness.  There are issues relating to how happy we are on our jobs and how our job meets our various needs.  We can also talk about how easy or difficult our work is and many other work-related topics.  There really is no boundary here on where we can go in discussing our work.

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Work was great; or it sucked. It was exciting; or I was bored. Either way, I was attached; until I wasn't.

Everything shifted in my life 2 years ago. Work is now another place "to be." Meaning another place to be of-service. Wherever I go, there's a group, a holon - work (employees/employers), traffic (fellow drivers and/or passengers), home (family, friends, guests, animals), etc.

To serve (esotically) is to be receptive, open. To serve (exotically) is to do something for others, to improve the environment, make life better etc. Both lenses are natural.

I serve in the role as Food & Beverage Director at a Retirement Community.
I accomplished nothing today at work: my paperwork was neglected; I have nothing to show for my day.
I accomplished everything at work today: I listened to others, I spoke when moved to speak, I shared my experience when some staff were seeing a conflict that I saw beyond, and did not seek to better their lives by trying to get them to see what I see. Understanding others, work, like all things, is filled with fascination now. In fact my wife said last night, "You will be of no help when the zombies attack, as you'll be like, 'Isn't this fascinating?!'...I'll use you for bait."

Things aren't fair when I am not heard, or when I do not get My way. I seek justice, equality, which is really to say a security which does not exist in duality.

Hopelessness, two years ago, surrendered me to a lens of beyond-morals, beyond-hope.
My was is not The way. It is what I have been given. Is this fair? I know not.

Last night in bed, my wife had her head phones on, but she could feel me moving. "What are you doing?!" she asked. "I'm laughing," I said. "I can't stop laughing." And so I laughed.


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