What is a VIBE??

Really, what is it?  When you walk into a room filled with happy people, you get a good vibe...

When you walk into a room with sad or depressed people you get a bad or negative vibe...

Sometimes when there is no one around, you get a certain "vibe" about something...

Is this a link to intuition? Or is it a feeling or an emotion?

And what does having or getting a vibe mean to you? How would someone explain a vibe and can you trust a vibe?

I've always thought of a vibe as a form of energy, but the more I think about it, I can't put my finger on where it comes from, or how it got there in the first place. Maybe we create our own vibes.. Thoughts?

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The free online dictionary defines VIBE as a distinctive emotional aura. Aura being the keyword here, IMHO.

That would make it a product of a process, an emotional process. For example a person with no ill will towards anyone, no axes to grind will seldom find the so called negative vibes anywhere. Therefore there must be something internal leading to the quality of the aura which is external.

Vibe is also very subjective. The dictionary places in the category of slang. It is therefore used in a lose manner very often.

Since it is an abbreviation of vibration, there is a definite link to energy.

The word vibe to me means a spiritual/emotion state. I reflect the other persons actions (like facial features, tone, body movements) as a sixth sense. Of course these are material features, but any emotion has to be spiritual as well, added to the material evidence and vice versa.  Thoughts please. Paul

     For me, getting a "vibe" is like a nudge from the divine or the divine's Holy Ghost that is linked to a higher consciousness due to you having your second nature awakened. This is not to say that a person cannot have this voice speak to them in their original "sin", but it is more to say that they are more connected in the second nature and can identify in making more correct choices in their lives (should one continue to choose or want to do). It that feeling you can get where you go to a place and you have like a little voice that tells you, "Hey, do not go down that alley way..Take the walkway instead." 

     However, I think that if we create our own vibes then that can be connected to karma in some way. I am not sure if we do, but it can maybe even be like linked to that of "sow a man sow, so a man shall reapeth." So, if the person's energy is to be mean towards another that inward thought from the person can rub off on that of others without the person even having said a word aloud or even causing harm to another person. I mean, the person can be in there doing his or her job, but if their energy is inside of them is negative and their thoughts are that they wish to be alone, then like even facial expressions might not make any difference either.

     I think that the energy part comes from the free will part in us all. I think the energy part plus the divine speaking with us and always trying to guide us in the correct manners for our lives add up to the so called 'vibes' we often do sometimes get in life. Anyway, PS this was a very cool question. 

I just saw this video this morning while I was out cruising the interwebz, then I remembered this post... It's as if it's all tied in to Intuition/Vibe/Emotion? These people call it a Noetic Experience that's attached to human consciousness.



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