Diet plays a huge role in a lot of traditions.  Let us know what works for you and swap ideas for what does (and doesn't) work with others.

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Although I love the taste of non-vegetarian, particularly the spicy Indian ones, I found that it makes me lethargic. Small quantities of vegetarian food keeps me energetic. However, the smell and the taste of Indian Non-vegetarian food remains my weakness. I do not try to avoid it.

My veganism is in remission .. I'm with the Capt.

Eating is my favorite activity. I love to eat good healthful delicious food. I try to take care of my body because that's where I stay...most of the time! My kitchen is a laboratory. nutrition is a science and food is medicine. Somehow, I have never been overweight. I tried to get my weight up to 210 pounds in the early 1970s because that weight was recommended for a man of my height (6'1") in a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I got up to 200 pounds eating cream cheese every day, but could not maintain that weight. My weight established itself at 185 pounds for most of my life until I retired in 2005. If I gained a few pounds, I lost my appetite. If I lost a few pounds, I got hungrier and ate accordingly. Now I have shrunk to 5'9" at 64 years of age. I weigh 164 pounds. About a year after I retired, I developed congestive heart failure when forest fires in Georgia put so much smoke in the air where I lived that I could not breathe lying down. After two weeks of not being able to breathe lying down, my feet swelled. After about a week without being able to get the swelling down. I went to a hospital when I thought that I could not live another day. I had developed high blood pressure about eight years previously that I had not got treated. I have a mortal fear of doctors and health care workers (humans in general). I am suspiscious that a nurse deliberately infected me with hepititis C-1 last year when I criticised medical racketeers as 80-90 % incompetent. I am trying to verify that. Ya gotta be careful to speak subtly if you dare to criticize anyone. When I thought that I would die anyway, I took my chances with the medical racket. Now I take blood pressure drugs. I have always had bad teeth. Now I cannot afford to keep them fixed. I have only four teeth that I can chew with. Chewing takes longer. If I live long enough, I will get false teeth like I have always wanted. My great grandmother (father's father's mother) told me on her 95th birthday that she had all her teeth pulled when she was 25 and was always happier with false teeth than she ever was with her natural teeth. My great grandparents had ten children and started their days eating steak and fried chicken with plenty of pork from their smoke house. Grandma lived to be 96. Grandpa lived to be about 79. He smoked. They both drank whiskey often. Since fluoride was added to drinking water, people have better teeth. That was too late for me. I am allergic to beef, of all things. I had frequent migraine headaches from the time I was 13 until I was about 30. I went on a vegetarian diet for a couple of months. When I ate beef again, I got a migraine. I discovered that every time I ate anything with beef in it I got a migraine; even vegetables in beef stew and pastries made with beef fat (always read lables). I was shocked to find out that beef was causing my migraines. Doctor after doctor had prescribed drugs and given nonsensical advice for years in Georgia and Florida. No doctor ever suggested that the problem could be an allergy. They all charged me though and sold me drugs that did not help. I carefully avoid beef now (and doctors when possible). I have not had a migraine headache in decades. Since then, I have rarely got an aura of flashing light that distorted vision announcing a migraine. There has probably been beef that I did not know about in some foods that I ate. My life has improved dramatically without migraines, but youth was hell for me. I can eat anything but beef. I avoid salt because of high blood pressure. I do not keep salt in my kitchen. I never liked salt. I have come to believe that ahimsa (non-injury) is the highest principle. The Universe is evolving by the inherent pleasure principle to a state of universal mutual ahimsa among all beings. That might take billions of years, but it is inevitable. Then the Universe and "God"' whose form is the Universe will be mature. Ideally I would like to stay on an all raw vegan diet of leaves, fruits, flowers, drupes and secretions like honey and sap. That's gonna take some work to figure out good nutrition on such a diet. I know of no such diet. Jains have dietary restrictions somewhat along those lines. There is a movie that was shown at the Theosophical Society in Atlanta hosted by William Shatner in which the Chief Rabbi of Israel advocates the moral position of vegetarianism. ( I wonder if he advocates renaming instead of genital mutilation of baby boys?) I am lactose intolerant; so milk is out. I stayed on a vegan diet for two years, but a cat took residence with me and I got back into carrion eating by buying her meat and eating the left-overs. She was my closest companion for five years. I loved her. I miss her. I am studying raw vegan food now. I studied nutrition when I worked in Lakeland General Hospital in Florida when I was in Mennonite Voluntary Service from 1969 to 1971. I learned that in general, we need daily one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight, one gram of fat for every four pounds and at least one gram of carbohydrates for every eight pounds. After reading the book, Super Nutrition by Richard A. Passwater, I take a "B 100" supplement daily. I learned to avoid vitamin E in any form. If I take E, my legs cramp so badly that I cannot walk up stairs. It might be good for skin, I don't know. Vitamin D causes severe pain in my knees. I avoid D, although doctors reccommend it. I take 1/4 tsp of butylated hydroxytoluene daily. That is a chemical preservative that doubles the life span of rats and kills viruses. I add newly discovered nutrients when available, like astaxanthin, ubiquinol, lutein, and others. I have tried to eat 100 grams of soy protein isolate daily for some fourty years. Now I'm gonna go eat some of those devil's food cupcakes with divinity frosting that I made yesterday after I make scottish oatmeal. Then I will play with my kitchen machines and some vegetables to work on developing that raw vegan diet that I want to get on. That Symfre tea seems to be knocking out my cold. Good health and bon apitite! May you always be well and happy.

My wife's secret exposed.....


“I attribute essentially all my
success to the very large amount
of chocolate that I consume…
Personally I feel that milk chocolate
makes you stupid… Now dark
chocolate is the way to go. It’s one
thing if you want like a medicine
or chemistry Nobel Prize, OK, but
if you want a physics Nobel Prize
it pretty much has got to be dark
Eric Cornell, University of
Colorado, The Chicago Tribune,
October 10, 2012.

(Eric Cornell, Nobel Prize in Physics 2001)


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