Does Reincarnation play a role in your life?  If so, how does it help you?  Is there anything that you understand that can help others?

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We used to joke around at the local meetings that everyone who incarnates now was the King or Queen of Atlantis, and no one apparently swept the streets in Atlantis.  I postulate that the street sweepers made so much spiritual advancement that they got off the wheel.  Joking aside, however, I have had very vivid memories of past lives.  I don't share them with people as a rule, but I was able to share with one of my sons why he might feel the way he does about a certain cultural issue.  As soon as I told him what I remembered about his past life, he wholeheartedly agreed that he knew everything I was saying.

My evidence was the ease and speed of rapport I gained when I first met my wife.  I really felt like I had known her before.  I had often wondered why it was so hard to get to know some people and how easy with others.  Reincarnation offers some explanation for this.

Not negating the reincarnation theory, which I wholeheartedly believe;

however,could it not be that we are instantly attracted to people because of our own personality conforms to their and their to ours.

Baha, I am curious about synchronization of personal energy. What is it ? How it can be done? Please elaborate.

Incarnate: In Service To Self, Whom I Sometimes Call Others

My understanding helps others in regards duality. My understanding is of no help (or beyond-help) to others in regards non duality. 

Reincarnation is what I observe in all things, including concepts, thoughts. 

Each wave rises, as if out-of the ocean, and crashes, as if back-into the ocean. Yet at no point is it truly separate-from the ocean. All things, including concepts, thoughts ...are waves. Each thought is autonomous in regards duality; And each thought is expressed from Formlessness. I think; And God thinks ME.

In order to know that I am alive, I have had to experience death. 

There is no butterfly without the caterpillar.
There is no butterfly without the caterpillar's hunger, which, acted upon, sustains the thing for its rest/meditation - which is the death of the hungry-caterpillar.
There is no butterfly without the meditation/reflection of caterpillar-cocoon.
Butterfly is the death of contemplative caterpillar. 

Does a butterfly Help a caterpillar? Does a butterfly help a butterfly?
If a caterpillar sees a cocoon, does it scoff at its not-doing? Does it think it not-passionate, not compassionate, not doing-enough?
If a caterpillar sees a butterfly, does it experience hope? Or does it think it greedy for reaching so high?
Perhaps it depends on which caterpillar, which butterfly, one asks.

Is Answer not the death of Question?
Does each certainly not give birth to a new question?

Giving/Receiving - two actions, or one circuit?
Good/Evil - in conflict, or Polarity's natural expression?

Each moment is death and rebirth. 
Reincarnation is an expression of this realization. 
"Reincarnation" is a Form to Define "Form." 

Regarding past/future lives, I know nothing. 
Why speculate on Mystery, except to grasp for a security/definition/shape which - by it's very dual nature - is in flux, is ungraspable. Then again, why not? Grasp, flail, fight, cower, define - form upon form upon form.

...When the ME is realized as meat-suit, as attachment-to-form, each moment is "Incarnation" - as the "re" rises-from and falls-back into its ocean of God - from which it only dreams of departing, the way one dreams of free-will (no wave births, moves, or kills itself).

 There is, then, no more remembering to "do," as one is beyond being dismembered, beyond being re-membered; one intuits wholeness, even as one perceives the many, glorious parts. 

How can I have past-lives, when I've never "had" this one?
What can I Hope to "have" next?

"God shakes hands with God." - Wavy Gravy


Last night I was meditating and an obvious thought came to me that fish swim in the ocean, the bird soar through the air and the animals and man creep and walk the earth.  I was struck by the idea that these three were actually one in the greater scheme of things as if all beings were in an ocean of light never leaving it outside the maya we each create in our soul/psyche.

We humans tend to think of our experience in life as sinful but can it not be that when we finish a life cycle the so-called sin is nothing more difficult to take off then a day old shirt?  And then we put on a new one and so on as we swim, soar and explore that infinite light.

I have a book call DARKNESS at NIGHT: A Riddle of the Universe, by Edward Harrison.  Here the author explores a puzzle that has baffled great men throughout history.

WHY IS NOT THE UNIVERSE FULL OF LIGHT?  There should be no darkness and yet there is.  Think about all those stars sending their light infinitely throughout the infinite galaxies. The universe should be one gigantic ball of light where stars and galaxies should not be discernible.

The book I mentioned above was theorizing concerning the physical universe.


Yet, the universe is analogous to the true nature of spirituality.  I tend to think as you do that darkness is relative.  Where we see darkness is actually light not discerned.  Darkness is relative to our individual realities.

Since our senses are the only witnesses to the symbolism they discern I tend to think of that symbolism as analogous to what creation is truly like with the soul/psyche at its center.

Should we really think about reincarnation?  In what way it is better for me if I am born as an ant or an elephant, a prince or a pauper, a Joe Fulton, Susan Thomas, Anand or a beggar dying on the street ? I will simply follow what has been given to me. Why is it important in life to have achievements?

Is there a social or political angle to the concept of reincarnation? Is the concept really consistent with 'One LIfe' principle? I have struggled with these questions for long. Gradually I am beginning to find one of the tenets of Kashmir Shaivism that knowledge itself is an impediment to progress, more acceptable.

Yet the question remains, who finds that tenet more acceptable? Anand or some reincarnated being?

Let me begin by proposing a definition for reincarnation. The concept assumes 1) the existence of a conscious self 2) the metaphysical and consequently non local nature of the self/ego/logos. As such, it would be plausible to discuss the different angles of reincarnation within a Heideggerian framework of temporal being. In other words, a significant question to raise here is what defines one's peripheries? I can consciously control my metabolic rates by lowering my heart rate therefore I can cause a conscious physical interaction with my environment which is potentially unlimited. One does not therefore have a periphery in the ontological conception. It may be claimed that a conscious force's capacity is not restricted by its current physical existence, but by its projections. Here it would be plausible to suggest that reincarnation as the movement of a conscious force from one encapsulated physical system to another is a topic worthy of investigation. :) Thank you for reading

Kindly forgive Bashar, my editing of your post by adding the hyperlink to Heideggerian FrameworK. You may change this to a more suitable link if you wish.

Bashar Douba writes:


"Here it would be plausible to suggest that reincarnation as the movement of a conscious force from one encapsulated physical system to another."


I would suggest that such a change does not have to take place after physical death, though, that is the tradition way of looking at reincarnation.


It is right to assume that a reanimation into another physical form will take place because the individual at that point will not have an ego-consciousness and therefore would be incapable of experiencing life: he could not have any thoughts in heaven or hell.  Thus reanimation is a given.


For me reincarnation represent 'eternal life', which is the major concept outlined in the Judeao Christian scriptures from an esoteric point of view.


One such movement of the conscious mind from an encapsulated system is to rid oneself of a very strong addiction.  The change of consciousness is so different that it can be said that the individual is 'born again'.  In fact I would further suggest that this is the only way reincarnation can take place.


It is assumed that reincarnation is the movement of conscious ego from one body to another in different life times.  I beg to differ because for an individual to die in this life time to appear in another is not necessarily reincarnation: that is merely the nature of eternal life.  At death ego-consciousness dissipate much like a mirage in a desert and a new so-called personality (ego-consciousness) is developed in the next animation with a body.  The problem with merely reanimating from one body to another is that the character of the individual (not ego-consciousness) is part of the soul/psyche and it takes that essense to the next animation.  Thus the individual does not change morally or ethically from one animation to another he still has the same character defects and these will manifest in whatever physical form it obtains (that would be the Hell the preachers speak of). This is where the concepts of heaven and hell come into play.


I would suggest that reincarnation is a word best suited for changing completely the personality from one state to another.  For example an individual is a diehard alcoholic but is spiritually changed and has another reason d'etre entirely (a state of grace - heaven).


Actually, such a concept is the foundation of Christianity in relationship to the Eucharist in its most sacred form.  Presently, I have completed my four decades of research and am presently putting a volume together to demonstrate the secret teachings of the Catholic Church: ESOTERICISM.  This subject of reanimation and reincarnation is developed in this thesis.




William, I enjoyed your expression immensely. Thank you for this.


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