Many of us have pets, and if you are anything like me, you probably enjoy repeating a story or two once in a while. Share, compare and enjoy!

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Let me just start by saying I never intended on having any pets except for my Great Dane.


A morning at Primrose...

I was sitting at my pc this morning getting some things done when the grand-puppy slammed a two-pound rawhide on my foot. Getting up from my chair, dancing the oh-that-hurts-so-much-dance, I tripped on some other sort of chew toy which landed me face-to-face with the aquarium. I realized I forgot to feed the fish so as I reached over to feed the fish the geese started honking, so I went to see what that was about. It was about me not feeding them yet. Then the ducks marched up and started the official we-are-hungry-and-you-are-late ditty. On my way out the door with geese & duck food in hand, I noticed the wild bird/squirrel/chipmunk feeder was almost empty, so I grabbed some more of that too. From the rawhide incident, to the filling up of the bird feeder, was about an hour. When people ask me if I have any pets, I just shake my head and reply, "No, they totally have me."


Over the years we have had four fancy rats, one snake and one dog - Bonzo who is snoring beside me as I type.

Our ratty girls all loved Buddhist Chants and would sit quietly on my shoulder with their tails around my neck as I chanted. When they each became too sick to carry on and were due to go to the vet to be euthanised I would chant the great Teyata mantra to them and they would become very still and very attentive while I stroked them and chanted with tears running down my face. All four ratty girls were rescued rats from neglectful or abusive homes and I am so pleased that they were able to spend up to a year in our care before finally leaving this plane. Rosie, Thelma and Louise (a pair) and our last girl was Mo.

Oh, that's so wonderful.  I'm so glad you did this and hope you can continue in this loving service.

Gosh Karen, thanks for sharing Rosie's, Thelma & Louis', and Mo's story; so sweet.


Does Bonzo snore a a lot ?  That is funny :  )


What kind of snake ?

Hi Heidi,


Bonzo snores a great deal! She's such a lovely girl and very sensitive to the people around her - such that if I'm upset she comes over and lays her head down on me and staring at me with great concern until I'm okay.


We had a corn snake for several years that was also a rescue from a school that was not taking care of her. She finally went to a snake specialist that my husband knew because she was having trouble feeding and was becoming very active as a result of a desire to breed apparently! The snake guy had a better knowledge and a better environment for her.


We seem to end up with rescues even when we're not planning on having any more pets!


I can SO relate, having had ducks and goats in the past, not mention a dog, cats, birds, and an aquarium at one time or other.  At present I am servant to two cats who have me well trained.

Oh wow Deb  --  we could "house-sit" for each other if we had to  --  all those skills!

"...servant to two cats who have me well trained."  Glad to hear it!


I am curious about the goat. I had one once, for a very short time...   :   )

We actually ended up with four, all nannies: Nanny, Beauty, Hazel, and Sasha.  We bought Nanny and Beauty from a woman down the road from us.  Nanny was "with kid" (2 as it turned out), and the woman thought that Beauty might be also, but she wasn't, but boy did she ever give the milk.  So Nanny gave birth to Hazel and Sasha a few months later.  They were large-size goats, not the little small ones.  Beauty was an instigator.  If there was trouble to get into, you could bet Beauty was in the lead.  Nanny was the matriarch, had a lot of common sense.   Those two little baby goats come near to being the cutest things I've ever seen.  She had no trouble.  I had checked out a few books from the library on goat husbandry and an herbal book for livestock by Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, who was a fascinating person.  I didn't really need the books as it turned out, but it made me feel better.  Did you know that goats can delay their labor for a day or two to wait for better considitions?  I didn't.  I found that fascinating.   They were a lot of fun, and also a peck of trouble.  The maxim is if you have goats, have good fences.  We didn't have any fences to speak of, just a good bit a land, and after getting lost early on, Nanny tended to stay near the house.  They were pretty easy going, but Nanny took a dislike to an acquaintance of my husband who use to visit us occasionally.  For some reason, she just wasn't keen on him, and tried to butt him when she could get away with it.  LOL  Poor fellow. 

Cutie has it made !

Great story Heidi!

It is so true, "they have us" My cat Star amazing creature. I wrote a lots of little episodes about her behavior in her little journal . Also I wrote about the fact how I got her and wrote in my spiritual journal, because involved serious co-incidents and surprises, signs and clues. Once begin to following it and get a connection - it is work of the Universe.

I just want to tell about and ask if anyone has opinion. After Awakening everyday since, Star start doing something she never have before. She lick once(if its short lick may repeat) then start looking right above my head like there something there on the top of my head. She is young and energetic cat but at the moment she is looking up to "That" I feel her energies and her eyes peaceful but with sign of deepest respect, obey. This is become a ritual for her. Like she take time to set aside cat's emotions to do that, not move and not blink. Every other time where I am bend towards her level, or picking up so she faces me, always she looking there above in silence and respect. I was observing that behavior for a year now and no realistic explanations came into me so far. Why she does that? What she maybe seeing there (beside my very short hair)? I like to hear your opinion about that "feline phenomenon" For now I accept it  these moments as special and the rest leaving along. I don't make an assumptions on unknown actions, until a  solid evidence, reference or prove. My scientific side won't allow :) Ha, Ha :)  

Thank you for reading.


Star has her own journal; that is so cool Olga  :   )

Thank you Heidi. Yes she is. She came in my life by serious of co-incidents, which become to the point where can clearly tell -it  is one of the everyday miracles. I had a dog before for 9 years and two cats. Oldest cat Basia a main-coon, lived with me for 12 years. He was so big and very intelligent , grateful creature. I found him in my  back yard when he was 1 year old. His 2 front paws covered with dirty and bloody bandages, and I didn't know what was wrong, but  his big yellow eyes was begging me for help. I took him to the vet and back then didn't even had a clue that someone  could do something like that to a defenseless little creature - removed his claws in a barbaric inhumane way. Veterinarian told me that somebody tranquilized a cat and perform the operation. He assumed that he is suddenly awoke from excruciating pain and run  away. One paw was completely done and the other just one dewclaw was removed.

I wasn't planned to have a pet at that time, didn't even have a plan for my own life yet, but devastated from the story I learn and the fact that vet told me ether pay, so he could finish the job and treat cat professionally or he will be putting to sleep. Despite a life situation I had  to save his life. For some reason I though that Basia will be the rest of his life with some sort of disability I was happily surprised when the stitches removed, his paws had no damage at all. A cat knew I rescue him and all his 12 years of good life I could see it in his eyes and feel that appreciation. He liked at night to get on the bed on the top of my pillow and massages my head by re-tracking his paws like cats do with the claws, and he purred. It was so soothing and prolong session almost every night, so my hair being getting wet of the moisture from purring.  Basia had excellent health and grew up into a huge main-coon gray and white feline. He traveled with me in a car across the country from CA to New England when I decided to get on the road to learn about American culture, and year later flew with me on the plane back to Los Angeles . Basia was leash trained and my friends used to called him a Buddha's dog, due to his intelligence and discipline in behavior at any situation. He never left my side. When we are settle down in LA I got a puppy and later another cat, Basia become a great parent for both and basically raised them as if they were his babies. I never see a cat with so much inner balance. When the dog Ella a toy Papillion and other cat Alice K, annoyed him (already a senior) he never been upset or aggravated. When young and playful Alice K used to tried to wrestle with Basia, her set of claws never helped her to win the game. Basia ends wrestling when get tired and with one mighty paw pinned her head down and hold it, until she   using all four paws and whole body in effort to break free. When he was 12 years old and his bladder cannot hold urine anymore, I didn't have a heart to put him to sleep. My friend, who gave me Alice K has a big house with 5 cats 3 dogs and two goats, living in the yard with a warm mini-barn. He took Basia in to his last home. I visited Basia there at sanctuary and as sad as it was for me, I saw that this was perfect place for him to spend a few more month of his life. Other animals had a respect for old cat and he enjoyed to be there for last two months before one day he found a quiet spot to leave this plane in graceful peace and a solitude.  He was amazing cat with unique personality and I will be always love and  remember Basia. He was the greatest and played important role in my spiritual  growth as well. Thank you for reading.      


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