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                  I have been approached by a representative from a company selling an energy pendant which claimed to be from the himalayas and it removes microwaves from mobile phones etc..the company also sells other energy products which sounds miraculous though claims to have been scientifically proven.Do you believe in these products and does it really work ?I've also been asked to join in as a representative !Those people sound so convinsing !Thanks for your thoughts and please advice me on this.

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I cannot give you an iron-clad answer without more information, but here's my opinion - in general.

I would be skeptical of such claims, not because it's not possible.  Shielding is probably very possible.  It's just that, IMO, the probability that this is just a "sound good" thing that basically doesn't work is rather high. 

That being said, I have a little black dot sort of thing that adheres to the back of my cell phone.  My sister gave it to me just for this purpose.  It doesn't hurt anything and is not really in the way, and was not expensive.  So...  I put it on my phone. Does it work?  I haven't a clue!

She also gave me a pendent to wear, shaped like a scallop shell, but looks like it's made of some kind of clear plastic resin with bits of sea shells and sparkly things inside it, which I assume are what shields me from the "evil rays" of my computer.   I wear it sometimes, sometimes not.  It might work, might not, but it was not expensive and is quite harmless, so what is the harm in using it sometimes?   None that I can see.

The harm is in spending too much money for such as this, and believing the advertising categorically without any sound scientific independent research or investigation on your part.   Well, that's my opinion, anyway. 

Thanks Deb. Researched the company on the web and found out that it changed its named twice and has been banned in a few countries including USA.It operates like a pyramid schemes and I am skeptical about its product too.According to me this company is also exploiting the spiritual nature of the himalayas to sell its products.Imagine a pendant on sale for $520 and reduced to $50 !Regards 1


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