Faith is:

a.    an emotional tendency to lean on nothing, believing it to be something.

b.    verification by the heart

c.    wishful thinking used to cover a multitude of sins

d.    knowledge that is half in shadow and half in light

e.    the passion of fools and persecutors

f.    the bird that sings while the dawn is still dark

g.    all of the above

h.    none of the above

i.    all of the above and none of the above

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I pick item i.

for me h is the is just the gate i pass through on my way into sleep.


Faith in most of the definitions supplied seems to be rightly or wrongly a facet of belief.

In order to sleep one must surrender concern for what is or is not....that moment of surrender is faith

I like b. and f.    Although others do recommend themselves at various times!

I was rather surprised to not see Paul Tillich's definition (or at least referenced). I believe it is:

"ultimate concern. Faith is a centered act of being ultimately concerned."

When it comes to theology, he is a first resource. The only Theologian to be selected Time Magazine's "Man of the Year".

(unless I am behind on that stat).

In any case - it takes his small book to understand that statement. I think another quote is something like:

"cognitive affirmation of the transcendent nature of ultimate reality".

(I may be quoting a reviewer, need to find out is that was Tillich's words)

I sometimes need faith that he is even talking about faith.


When one steps on one brakes what verifies they will stop. It worked before or faith? Paul


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