From the American Physical Society's Physics Today monthly magazine

"With summertime disappearance of polar sea ice expected as early as this decade, various geoengineering schemes have been proposed for mitigation. But each carries baggage."

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Actively trying Weather Control to avoid Catastrophic Climate Change/Variability has been an idea circulated during the last decade. The general consensus had always been that it is a very bad idea. The primary reason being that it is probably easier to cause new or worse problems rather than fix the current problem. The other question was how would one ever pay for it. It would be a huge undertaking.

This is apparently back on the table as an option again.

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Thanks! good video!

Seems like your rather interested in this.. What do you think about all those patents that have been out there for years? Like the U.S's 5762298 and 3613992 (1966)... Have these all been abandoned or is that what's lead them to HAARP or Eastlunds work?


It really is a Science project. The antenna array is stationary and not capable of focus. (a phased array approach can help some.. but the antennas not built for that, in general) The EM radiation goes straight out and away. It may be absorbed by charged particles in the ionosphere (good). At that point it is a generated plasma that contains the energy, The plasma follows the earth's magnetic field, which also diverges as you start to move south. Any energy in the ions will degrade rapidly do to a Larmor-like EM radiation - which also disperses in all directions.

One nice thing it can do is cause a upper atmospheric patch which is great for long-distance radio communication via atmospheric bounce. Usually one has to wait every 11 years for these types of windows to open via natural phenomena (sun cycle).

That alone allows experiments without the solar cycle to be conducted. Much better this way. That also would allow the ability to create long distance communication if satellites get fried. 

hope that kinda helps


Thanks PS for posting this video.

The video raises several questions such as what effect the rain induced by clouds containing salt particles will have on the agriculture? Will it render the fertile lands into barren? Will new genetically modified seeds have to engineered to cope with the increased salt content in the soil? While people in the US may get some comfort by reduced temperature, will the poor farmers of Asia and Africa lose their livelihood?

hi -

I do not know the answer,

However - the ocean waves already do this. I think it comes down to concentrations of salt (and organic matter) versus raindrop size. Those numbers would help (have to poke around and see what normal waves do)

I did found this Ocean spray study

That seems to avoid the salt issue, or it is not discussed in the article.

I imagine they have calculated that the salt is minimal/negligible in the rain. I am guessing at this point.

It is an such an obvious question... => answer has been studied.  just have to find it


The original article I cited had this to say about salt:

"Spraying from remote locations such as the Aleutian and Faroe Islands also would minimize negative impacts on population centers. “People are worried about spraying salt around, even though there’s an awful lot more salt being pushed up by breaking waves,” Salter explains."

I believe it is a false supposition, The data over the last years has done anything but confirm the models that lead to that prediction of no summer sea ice in fact since 1998 there began a drop in the rates of temperature increase and since 2006 a notable decrease in global temperatures especially in the northern hemisphere, sea ice comes and goes there is plenty of evidence in drift wood studied that show during the heights of the Illinoisan glacial period the arctic ocean experienced periods of low to no sea ice and this is at the heights of glaciation.

Sea Ice and Glaciers are not synonymous. there needs to be more study on the underwater volcanoes of the arctic ocean to determine there role in the levels of sea Ice. now as far weather modification. I think it is a very worthy pursuit. but first you must determine the micro clime you wish to alter and for what purpose you wish to alter it before you begin the engineering of the change.  

I looked at you link, and it seems to back the climatology models. Now I am confused.

e.g.  this



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