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reviewed in:Science Jun 15 2012

  Ignorance - How It Drives Science
by Stuart Firestein
Oxford University Press,

This book looks very interesting.

Science review at:

Ignorance, How it Drives Science

"Although the book focuses, as its title suggests, on how ignorance drives science, one can find more between the lines. We basically get Firestein’s advice to young investigators and to those who shape these researchers’ ways of work: peers, collaborators, mentors, and the lay audience. To all, he recommends: Learn to communicate what you do not know and to inquire about others’ ignorance. As he describes it, the job of a scientist importantly includes finding ways to communicate the science such that the knowns and, even more so, the ignorance will be accessible to everyone."

Your transcript will read something like "Sci 222 Ignorance  X "  do you want X = F or A ?


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