The announcement that we have all been waiting for!


Gravitational waves emitted by the merger of two black holes have been detected, setting the course for a new era of observational astrophysics.

APS Announcement

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dear john ,

why limit to astrophysics ?---think of the home planet effect ! when we harness this field [like we humanity did in r/o E-M field , LIKE OUR ANCESTORS WERE DOING in r/o astral , mental & spiritual fields through hypnotism , mesmerism ,yoga& samadhi], we can revolutionise  & economise MEANS of MOTION IN SPACE ,AERIAL ,AQUATIC & TERRESTRIAL MEDIA reducing fuel consumption to a minimum.

request, kindly ponder over this & let us continue the dialogue .----ukrshn.


There is no new Physics in this observation. Same stuff as 100 years ago. This is just another confirmation of the theory.

just fyi - the ability to flatten space is still out of reach. 

Peace -


P.S. The mental techniques you mention are done using Quantum Mechanics.

A second merger of two Black holes has been detected by LIGO and Virgo.

 "The team calculates that the waves came from the merging of black holes with masses of about 14 and 8 times that of the Sun, 1.4 billion light years away. These masses are close to the typical values inferred from conventional observations of black holes orbiting ordinary stars, whereas those responsible for the first LIGO event were much larger, at 29 and 36 solar masses."

simulation for this new event here:  Merger

Focus Article (

When the LISA space array is in place at the correct Lagrange points, we should see much more.

see LISA space array

Here is a summary of the recent slew of papers from this weeks Physical Review Letters (Dec. 22, 2017)

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Reining in Alternative Gravity:

Theorists have tightly constrained alternative theories of gravity using the recent joint detection of gravitational waves and light from a neutron star merger.


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