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Aug. 21 2013

What if a psychiatrist could tell whether someone was about to commit suicide simply by taking a sample of their blood? That’s the promise of new research, which finds increased amounts of a particular protein in the bloodstream of those contemplating killing themselves. The test was conducted on only a few people, however, and given that such “biomarkers” often prove unreliable in the long run, it’s far from ready for clinical use.


Blood Test Suicide



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Nice article, those biomarkers are many, and I believe there are more than the 5 that they purport, but this is fairly new on the bio/neuro/clinical psych side.  Many of the results have been conflicting but there's definitely something there that is going to take neuroscience and psychology in a new direction.

If you're interested in the Greek of things the NCBI has a paper that lists some of those biomarkers they are looking at (add to this the SAT1) on the right of that paper you'll see links to Sertonergic, noradrenergic, hpa axis etc which are all biomarkers for suicide as well.

Great reference !

That one is out of my current knowledge base.

I really need a crib sheet to get the vocabulary figured out. 

Now, I put on my list (again) of missing information I need to learn. I keep avoiding it.  <G> 




It's a long list, one that requires a long time spent behind a book and in front of a teacher, heck me being a person that loves learning everything under the sun, I'm not 100% on everything in the data and don't know if I ever will be.. But for starters all that stuff really sums up to be a method of diet and environment, how we rationalize our intentions, our  stresses and anxieties.  There's a lot of factors that go in this, even our genetics, but for the most part... the best answers are in the way we live our life and produce productive answers to our current circumstances. That in the end is how the people of old did it... and this is before the fields of psychology and neuroscience came into existence.  That's the best place to start :)

Hi -

I knew a person who was getting a PhD in Neuroscience (or Neurophysiology). The amount of memorization was a key issue that was just brute force. I would not be able to do that.

You make some good points. 


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