It is said "live your philosophy". I wonder if the same word philosophy could also be embedded within the word "theosophy"? What's in a word? Philosophy means "the love of wisdom". Theosophy means "my definition", the study of God and his divine nature spiritually. It would seem man kinds nature today is secular. It has been proven man can overcome his secular nature for a divine nature within. Therefore live your theosophy. Paul

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Greetings Paul Lee James,

Interesting post, sir. Seems the true meanings of certain words are lost and new meanings seem to change over the times. Philosophy is more like an opinion spun off other philosophers ideas obviously. And suppose that can be a practice, but more an idea than a practice, I could be wrong. 

What does the word "wisdom" truly mean? Philosophy seems to create an individuals perversions to twist and turn ones idea (usually religion based) into their own belief into what they deem to be better or more true, which creates confusion and a motive to persuade other individuals to adopt their ideas and hypothesis to gain changes in the systematic religious scheme.  What does philosophy really mean in it's ancient sense?  

I see things in a different eye{dea} than most and have a hard time accepting my own imagination let alone another individuals. I try not to become a victim of my own imagination and I feel most philosophers have deceived others to believe their ( the philosophers) own self  alluded illusions. 

Theosophy is a philosophy, an art, science religion which I view as an aggregation of cosmic spirituality, if that makes any sense. Therefore if "philosophy" truly means "love of wisdom", then what does "wisdom" mean? Perhaps it could mean the lessons learned through our experiences from knowledge, which is limited. Or "wisdom" could mean a type of energy that recalls a long lost memory once forgotten to rediscover. Memory is a topic that is not discussed enough among those who seek truth much like those who are interested in Theosophical teachings. Theosophy claims to have the "wisdom of God" and archaic memory, but is that so? 

Philosophy can distort memory of the ancient and archaic past Time; especially, if the philosophy is disillusion of perverted ideas from their self belief and not from an absolute truth. 

Living is a practice in itself they cannot be separated. But their is another practice that may become a superstition which causes a ritual habit that may have no value; therefore, possibly an obstruction, destruction, and perversion created by forms of thought. Here I quote, "Think, but do not be the thinker.".  Language in itself is an obstruction and a foundation of confusion, diversion, erosion, etc, etc. 

There is not enough mind power - energy, focus, and concentration to attain a memory that holds clues and keys to a past that has a great affect on our modern time NOW. Here I suggest to practice attaining memory not of philosophy, but a memory that is "stranger than fiction", a memory that leads to a nonhuman like experience. 

LIVE TO PRACTICE A LONG LOST FRUIT. But how can One do what seems impossible which cannot be proven with material evidence?  

good post!

>>> LIVE TO PRACTICE A LONG LOST FRUIT. But how can One do what seems impossible which cannot be proven with material evidence? 

Perhaps Imaginal thinking comes into play? It can find lost relationships and yield new understanding. (hopefully).

Thank you, Mr. Mead!

Looking at at the statement made, "LIVE TO PRACTICE A LONG LOST FRUIT" perhaps some readers may be asking themselves what does that mean. In clear English, it is suggestion to live life to attain memory that has been long forgotten or even erased on intentional motive. Possibly there was a cataclysmic event that occurred such as, Tom Van Flanderns Multiple Planetary Explosions Hypothesis that he uses to explain the origins of asteroids and comets. Ancient texts and tablets tell about  a time approximately 65 ma and 3.2 ma years ago. These stories are told in the texts of Sumerians, Egyptian, and Vedic periods. However, tablets and texts are an essential part of our hidden history, which 90 - 95%  untranslated leaving an extensive amount information unknown and misinterpreted hence, a greater part of a puzzle unsolved. Scholar are speculating there may have been some planetary war in our solar systems causing the "asteroid belt" and comets to visit our system in a predictive pattern. Perhaps it is the, "mental workplace" that cognitive scientist hypothesize for the function of imagination. 

What is the imagination and how does it work? Is it a function of our internal cognitive function or the function of our external mind instrument?  Perhaps both are working as one through interdependent faculties of the soul and psyche realms that was taught by Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith. Is God part of the imaginary phenomena, which large percentage of individuals lack. There is a tricking of the mind that manipulates forms in the minds eye through the imagination that few can hold in the, "mental workplace". If it is a manipulation process and a type of trickery, does that make it a lie? Hence, becoming a victim of imagination and manifesting self created illusions as an artist creates on a canvas. Perhaps this leads to scholars manipulating meaning to symbolic and metaphoric language which is lacking absolute knowledge to their absolute true meaning, that is if there is a such thing as "true" and "truth" if imagination is a self deluded meaning. If that is so, what would be an applicable alternative?  

It seems clear and obvious that imagination is a practice within itself. . . But does the imaginative institution form a foundation of false beliefs? Hypothetically speaking does the imagination institution go against and create a friction with, Richard Ihle's quote, "Think, but do not be the thinker."? Does imagination require   form building from beyond the self, Self and SELF? If so, is that how individuals can prevent from becoming victim of imagination?  Is imagination a mental electricity that flows through thought? If so, who is doing the thinking and where is the energy coming from? The Cosmos? 

The human psyche is a mental (mind) faculty coming from an external source of four interdependent functions that the mind is divided into. These four would be instinct, emotion, intellect, and cognitive matter, an equivalent to the mineral, vegetation, human, and animal kingdoms.  As above, so below; as within, so without; as once was, so will be again.", like a garden of the mind in a metaphysical germination process for a Life fruit production. How can this garden kept free of pesticides and other contaminating subtle chemicals that can rot a precious root and spoil the soils that seeds new to grow healthy produce food for thought?  


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