There is a great diversity amongst us all here and this should be viewed as a blessing. We all have some experiences in some area of practice and some may have none. 

Cultural differences have caused "road blocks" limiting the ability to communicate with "Divine Nature" creating a sense of guiltiness due to their dogmatic teachings for whatever reasons they may be. 

Understanding practice is key! We all learn through first hand experiences and second hand shared experiences. The aim here is to communicate and educate each other to build better relationships with ourselves in nature for the sake of all walks of life. 

Please click the link below to take this short survey so we can make this group a better experience for you.

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I will break the ice here.

As for myself, I use  a few different practices such as: praying, chanting, meditation, love, truth, and tarot reading. I have taken part in some Native American Indian ceremonies 16 years back that has been a great impact on my.  I find myself  reflecting back on that experience reliving it. I have learned their greatest value is in the nature of the Earth and their devotion to the connection with it. Tobacco use is an offering they use very often in peace prayer with a peace pipe. Every toke taken from the smoker says a silent prayer and then passed along to their brother or sister from their nation.  Men and women many times have their own peace pipes or many peace pipes for the different occasions. When a married mans wife is on her monthly full moon he takes his pipe and wraps it up  and puts out of her site to prevent and conflicting energies that may bring bad luck. They believe women are more energy powered spiritually than men because of their capability to produce children. During a woman's full moon she is producing a high vibratory rate of many energies which may conflict and act as a sticky agent  upon the peace pipe and during this time she is not allowed to smoke with her husband or be around him while he is performing his peace practice and has to perform her peace prayer in solitude to protect others from coming in contact with her energy. 


Through this group I hope to inspire people and be inspired by others through finding a spiritual or religious (choice) practice. I would like to see more active members expressing and sharing their divine abilities knowing that it is safe to do so here comfortably without judgment free from wrongful discrimination.  It is important for others from different cultures, nationalities, and countries to understand each others ways of life and spiritual symbology to produce soul-love towards one another for unification building a bond that is shared amongst everyone no matter of their beliefs or cultural differences creating a real connection of universal brotherhood. Most of all what I hope to gain from this group is a contagiousness of pure soul love in hopes that it spreads like an out of control wild fire. Lastly I would like to co-create practices or rituals that pertain to Theosophical teachings that everyone can help participate in the construction process and its practice. 


Commitment and consistency is the golden key to the golden lock on the door to divine life. Who will make the pledge to themselves to work towards unlocking the door?  I DO!

Blessings and peace to all! 

Thanks Jessica for taking the lead. There are 8 questions and perhaps you would like to include the cultural background of the respondent. The forum discussion format may not be the best choice to arrive at some conclusion. Perhaps you may consider requesting Joe to help you out with a proper survey tool.


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