Everyone has something that brings a smile or makes the day less stressful.

It could be a song, a picture, a thought or something completely different.

Let's hear what makes you happy :)

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My dog Fez..he is my baby,since my baby went to college. lol!

The sun was back today, after several gray rainy days.  That made me smile. 

Triangle meditation with The Great Invocation before sunrise.

I am happy and grateful to the Universe foe let me see, feel and understand a true meaning of the LIGHT. For the ability to see the world with different prospective. Sharing the Universal Love with compassion, for a humanity, the Earth and  for the World Peace.

Feeling  satisfaction from giving is an ultimate joy and one of the key to a true happiness.

A tune for that is a one wisdom word for each day, I choosing  to manifest with quotes, art,  graphics for my own inspiration. Inspiring myself, I share the Light in my creations with the world. At the end of day my TOD is complete with a short essay, mantra and blessings. Namaste. :-)

My wife, the all knowing crone, managed to bring great Joy to my heart today!

A bright light was handed to me. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas: The Thirteen Days of Christmas children’s book was placed into my hands…. That is true love, if any ever exists.

Of course, the alternative was to child-block the Hallmark channel. Sappy Garbage, full of hope for humanity and other such things.  That stuff violates the entire records and archives of history.

Dear  John,

       It is a beautiful book , I must say that your wife has oodles of good sense - I read childrens literature from time to time and really enjoy them - It does take you back and remind you how we first enjoyed them with wonder and dreams - and how coarse and hard we have become in the course of life and living . Sometimes it even shocks you that you are the same person and how all this could have happened.Of times lived in perfect happiness when God was not yet a factor and our only Gods our parents , to whom we looked for everything and took it all as granted . The hands that first taught us to walk , swim or ride a bicycle and , the persons who first pointed God out to us . Childrens literature when revisited as adults in later life do have a wonderful effect of washing away tthe grime accumulated in later years to an extent. Anyway heres wishing you a very merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous new year in advance .

Lovely words, Hari, and I do SO agree! 

Well, I can NEVER figure out how to make the embed feature work.  Of the several times I've tried it, it's worked maybe once without issue.  Sigh....      Guess I'll just paste the link below.

This story/video makes me happy.  Yes, looks are superficial, in some ways, but sometimes they are a reflection of what's going on inside of us.  Sometimes people just need a helping hand, a little boost of "feel-good", a little attention, some sign that someone somewhere gives a flip.  May this man and all others like him be well.




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