So this doesn't have to be something spiritual.  It can be funny or other kinds of mindless.  Ok it can be spiritual, too.

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Last night the History Channel's line up about ancient aliens and UFOs was running in the background while I did laundry, etc., but I enjoyed a good bit of it.  The ancient aliens show was a slight favorite and was a mix of ancient sources coupled with new archeological discoveries, and alternative speculations about known discoveries.  

Usually I channel hop a good bit.

I am so  into reality shows, almost any of them ... that prior Writer's Strike created a whole new venue, "the Reality Show" which presents the media in a whole new life ... the stories are relatable, and dynamic, so these fit into modern life.

Hi, Christian. Frankly, I'm not much into so-called "Reality Shows." Whose "reality"? They're very much scripted, though not every word, and certainly planned out to deliver drama and excitement to capture the ratings. For example, the recent Kardashian fiasco! lol I'm not against "drama" and "excitement," I've written such myself, but let's label it "entertainment."

Here's an idea for new a "Reality Show": Let's put about 6 to 8 Occultists, Psychics, Mystics, etc., from different traditions and perspectives and have them live in an old gothic mansion together for awhile. Something interesting may come out of that. What do you think? If you get anywhere with it, let me in on it, with the producing and writing end, of course.

I am lately getting so overwhelmed by a television and watching much less than I used to. In general my preferences are: National Geographic, Discovery and History channels, 60 minutes and a World News with Scott P. For fun "Family Guy" and "American Dad". For the TV serious "NCIS" I couldn't really remember at the moment a good Reality TV show.

My neighbor sometimes renting a movies from Blockbuster and he can find some unusual and unknown but refreshing.

If anybody like to watch something like that I am recommending to see a movie "Frienemy" A dark comedy about God and Evil, starring Matthew Modine. It is original, with some explicit material and a dark sarcasm but underline story brought up a non-ordinary  prospective, explaining a pattern of a degradation in humanity cause by narrow mind thinking and actions, ego manifestation and levels of consciousness. 

I definitely would watch that!  LOL   It would be profoundly more interesting that Real Housewives . . . , et al.


Yes, thank you Joe. I just finished watching the 9min version and it is awesome. I used to dream in graphics like that. Some of my early artworks I tried to express that,  dimensionally and visually correct, according to a Spiritual Mathematics. Well, maybe this is will be one of my new art projects. Thank you Joe for inspiring! :)

Ah, that brings back fond memories.  I haven't really watched the new Dr. Who.  An oversight on my part, I'm sure. I watched it back in the Tom Baker days, and later when Peter Davison was Dr. Who. 

OK!  That explains a lot.  I'll check it out.

Dah ... I know their scripted, or at least highly influenced.  But, I like the idea of them, and they way they try so hard to make them real (another dah ... there ARE cameras in the rooms, restaurants and everywhere they go, it would be impossible to not see them, and those attending and gawking.)  Its fun.

Ah ... NO WAY.  You're not getting me to hang out for weeks on end in an old gothic mansion.  Scary stuff is based on something, ha.  I'd have MUCH more fun hanging out at the Vatican, maybe their Observatory, certainly the Library, and if they don't find me, the underground railroad and passages.  IF WE HAD A TEAM of psychics et'al I'd like the [assignment] or objective to be carried out there.  NOW, that should set your script minded  imagination to work.


Christian, it was just an off-the-cuff idea. You're right, it would have to be fleshed out more to work as a TV Reality Show. Personally, I've got other ideas in the fire, but for the Internet. It's hard enough for known Producers to get things going at the Networks and Cable stations, let along an unknown. I say, bypass them and go directly to the Web.

I'm like you, Deb, I watched "Doctor Who" in the past, and regret I haven't kept up with the new series. There's a "Doctor Who" movie in the early planning stages. David Yates, who directed the last and many of the "Harry Potter" films, will direct and develop it. None of the current cast will be in it and he says he's "re-envisioning" it with new wrinkles.

Christian and Joe, good luck, gentlemen, in getting into even the study room of the Vatican Library. You've got to be on an approved scholars' list even for that, and they are extremely limited as to what they can view, under guard, of course. I've read that some of it is so "above top secret" even the Pope can't get to it.

Good Lord, makes you wonder who's actually running things!  LOL 


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