What music are you listening to or playing today?

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Bob Dylan - some songs from "Blood on the tracks'' and ''Street Legal''

So far this morning, I've been listening to a lot of Dylan, Positively 4th Street, among others.Also, Pearls Before Swine, The Eagles, and some earlier 60s stuff (Peter and Gordan, etc.)   I love watching that video.  Peter Asher/Austin Powers . . . .   LOL  

Yesterday, I off on a hard rock tangent: Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, ELP, etc.

I love your ever evolving philosophy of the Plankton - Hail great plankton thou art simplicity itself !

This afternoon I'm listening to Irish trad, various stuff.  Here's a sample:


It has come to my knowledge that this video "has gone viral".  It's a nice bit of nonsense and in the interest of keeping all of us around here "with it", here it is:

I like!!!!!

(my cat knows; but does not speak)


I've been listening to some old recordings I have of Ravi Shankar.  I have always loved that music.  I started listening to it in the 70s.  My yoga teacher introduced me to it, and I used it as background music for meditaiton as well.  Then I lost my albums somewhere along the way, in one of the many moves I've made, and it's been a long time since I listened to it.  Really nice.  


Deb!!!...  you put me to shame.....   I am listening to Lady Gaga's new album ArtPop (releases today: 11/11/2013)


I can only hang my head in shame....

LOL   Variety is the spice of life?????     Never fear!  I indulged in my share of fluff this weekend as well.  

All things in balance, my friend! 


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