Today, March 8, is celebrated as International Women's Day. It is fitting that we remember HPB and her sacrifices for bringing theosophical movement to the attention of the world. She gave all she had - herself and all the money she earned - to the cause. Ingratitude is not one of our vices - said a Sage.

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Good point. Annie Besant gave much as well. (esp. time and effort)

Besant's contribution to the Indian Society is enormous. Every major city in India has a street named after her. The other person we have to remember is Rukmini Devi who revived the Indian Art of Dance. Today, the Kalaskhetra is a renowned National Institution and every major city in the world with Indian population has a school teaching the Indian Dance Art. Also, both Besant and Rukmini gave all they had to the TS and the Society at large and did not take any money from TS or other institutions.

I thank you Mother

I thank you Daughter

I thank you Sister

I thank you Lover

I thank you Friend

Blessed be Woman in all her glory

Womb of mystery

Womb of the world

Message of Love


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