Just a couple weeks ago I had a peculiar dream...was at a party and there was a man I didn't know and we didn't get a long too well. We argued and I do not recall what we argued about. After the party ended my older brother came and he made some type of hand signal and a flock of birds attacked me by pecking on me. I woke up to my son hollering because his window fell on top of his head while he was sleeping. It was so windy out that early morning that the bottom portion of the window blew in. Fortunately, he was not hurt.  

  I my family and I have just moved in our place about 10 months ago and both my son and I have been having some interesting dreams. 

 Anyone have any ideas why that may be?


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Hi, Jessica; 

I'm no expert on dreams, but as someone who has always dreamed a lot, I have checked out various dream symbol books and such over the years.  As far as symbols go, sometimes the symbolism makes sense to me and other times not so much.  Some things I looked had flocks of birds relating to ideas, opinions, etc., even unconscious urges.  What kind of bird were they?  type, color, etc. if you don't have a sense of the actual birds.   The fact that they were attacking you seems to indicate some stress or tension relating to people's (general or specific) acceptance of your ideas and your feelings about that.  Since you were arguing/disagreeing with an unknown man, and later your brother seemed to be the genesis of the bird attack, this could indicated men in general, or a more specific situation relating to you and your brother.  Or perhaps your brother is a kind of "every man" symbol relating to your ideas, opinions, wishes, etc.    The trick is not to be too literal in interpretations, but not to discount the obvious in a dream, as well.  Fine line sometimes.  

Perhaps it's something altogether different.  Perhaps the flock of birds represented the wind, the pecking and the stressful  conversations in the dream were trying to wake you up to danger.  There may have been noise that you in sleep converted into the pecking of beaks. Or stepping further out on the limb  :-) , both of the men in your dream could have been with you in the astral realm and trying to alert you to wakw up.  In that case they would be in a helper or guardian type of role. 

Who knows?  You are in the cat bird seat there. :-)   Glad your son was OK!  What a wild night!

I've been having crazy dreams too.  Maybe it's the moon.  It's almost full.





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