The second edition of Echoes of the Orient in three volumes (each with an index) is available now.

The third volume contains Judge's comments on the Esoteric Section teachings of Blavatsky. 

The Cumulative Index for all three volumes will be ready early in 2011.


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my beloved [meaning my copy]


i love to read

mr. judge's stories

those tales are meant for direction, guidance, warning and prophecy for theosophist





thoughts any one . . .


{     yes     |     no     |     maybe     |     what!     }



The ULT version is much larger.  The editor added excerpts from Judge's letters to friends other than than Julia & Archibald Keightley.  The first edition was edited by "Jasper Niemand" a pen name for Julia Keightley.  That version contained only letters to her & her husband, it is kept in print by TS Pasadena.


Yes his stories are great.  Some are past life recollections I believe.


get'n somewhere now


[big smile]


re  -  incarnations  me thinks too


TUP ? is where i find this you say ?


Here is the link to the TUP edition:

thank you



i mis-spoke that never happened before [grin]



my echoes were published by point loma

theosophy company published my letters and articles


tell me

your favorite lately...



[warm smile]


Nicholas Weeks said:
In another month or three, free PDFs of the entire Echoes of the Orient series (3 vol. plus Index) will appear on the TS Pasadena website -

Thanks for the info.


For the first time, a theosophical publication which is available in print format is made available in pdf and HTML formats. This will provide a very wide distribution of the material around the world.


At a time when we routinely see pricey theosophical publications, this is a breath of fresh air and TUP should be congratulated in showing the way to other theosophical publishers (hope they follow) whose pricing decisions are more guided by accountants and business oriented decision makers than real theosophists whose main motivation is to bring theosophy to everyone in the world.Let us hope to see more of theosophical publications available in pdf format in future.


The only shortcoming I found in the pdf file is that it requires Acrobat Version 7.0. It is very easy to make Acrobat files backward compatible to Version 5.0 since many users still have not moved up to Version 7.0 (even though it is free).

Nicholas, Has anyone put dates on these letters?


Nicholas Weeks said:

Here is the link to the TUP edition:

Is the snow melted yet?

John Rau said:

Jon, I would have sent you a private message but we are not "friends here in this forum" as we are on occasion - offline. I do not believe Nicholas is on any longer, but this blog is still active. But you know how to contact him thru other arenas - or direct email.   (P.S. Jon, busy as the dickens here slaying dragons a few hundred miles north of you, books, books, books and the redundant, calculating, bipedal perennials; some with little handheld electronics explaining how they know something and nothing at the same time) , see you one day sooner or later.

Jon Knebel said:

Nicholas, Has anyone put dates on these letters?


Nicholas Weeks said:

Here is the link to the TUP edition:


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