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 When and where did this economic and government problems begin? Was it one country few many? It seems the (whole world) has this problem. Has the whole world ever had this problem before? One country I would understand, but the whole world, it would seems strange.  Supposedly in the United States it was (I think in 2005). 

Is the bible prophecy coming true? Paul

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Exchange of goods form the working class to manufacturing class used to happen in earlier days( only material exchange). Then you had coins which are made up of rare metals were used to exchange the goods calculated in terms of work done by people. US and UK started printing paper money and ( share market ) made many gamblers all over the world. People started accumulating  these paper foil notes with out much hard work, sitting in the rooms and speculating the required, non required essential and non essential items to the needy. People started gambling and started to lavish leaving style one above the other , under the chain reaction the world had started moving behind the paper and proved to the world that with out this paper money accumulation you are a fool. As the life style increased the rulers under the democratic system should please the people through different plans and made people lazy and crazy. Free food, free shelter, free guns. rich people became rich and poor people became slaves. This will happen for ever and in the present man kind though process. few of the states in USSR are living on prostitution. Pathetic some how people want to enjoy the life . WHEN THERE IS NO SELF SATISFACTION THE PEOPLE AND THE COUNTRY WILL GO TO ECONOMIC SLOW DOWN. Can you draw a line a say that this much of money can make a person to live happy.  I am still searching and fighting with my self .



Give yourself a break, we do not live within a perfect world. Paul


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