Where do our thoughts come from? My hypothesis is, as a baby, anything we hear or see or experience goes into a memory bank to be processed later by education. The mind draws from this memory bank (which is in the brain?) as to what we want, including thoughts, then transfers the information to the mind for action (which is another question in itself? 

Side note, To be conscious we have a brain and mind, which comes first, the brain or mind? Is the brain the operating system of the brain materially and the mind the spiritual part of brain spiritually? Knowledge is sight sound feeling taste plus and immediate experience. Then knowledge becomes learning from these experiences? At birth comes the senses or innate knowledge and after birth. Thoughts have to be, ideas which are needed information, from experiences? 

Side note,I have found out about (my style of writing), I seem to identify special sentences, as the way I talk, dividing them with commas and also use (asterisks) as the point in the sentence. Is this permissible in writing? Paul

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