Great question.  Who cares?  Their existence (or lack thereof) is of no importance.

We need to stand on our own and look for truth in the things that can be proven and not in the realm of useless speculation.

Perhaps if we lived be best lives that we could, loved wisdom for its own sake and treated others as a reflection of ourselves, we wouldn't need to be concerned with such useless matters.

When that day arrives we will regard such silliness as chasing after mahatmas, gurus, masters, etc. the way we react to the idea of eating rocks.

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No, you would not be correct.  The commencement of building Solomon's Temple is what takes place at conception, which there is no conscious active part on the part of the soul/psyche.  Our choices in life, in this smorgasbord world, are the building blocks of this temple, which the laws of Yahweh (Sun): ego-consciousness will enforce throughout life.  The laws of the temple will become so tyrannical to the individual's existence he or she would have no alternative but to attempt to flee this Garden of Eden that was created by the individual.  The soul/psyche must flee Yahweh's tyranny similar to how Adam and Eve fled the Garden of Eden.  Make no mistake about it they fled though symbolically the texts shows Yahweh exiling them (sour grapes).

However, their is the spiritual path, which Adam and Eve chosed, which can destroy the temple similar to how Christ destroyed Herod's temple when he was crucified: the veil of the Holy of Holies was rend in two.  This is precisely why Christ has to die in order to forgive the false beliefs (sins) of the individual, which traps it in the old Solomon's Temple.  Destroying Herod's temple is what cause the birth of Christianity: the New Solomon's Temple; but, note how time has warped the true meaning of Christianity causing Yahweh to become all too tyrannical again.

All of this takes place in the soul/psyche not in the outer world though it is mythologized in the Old and New Testaments.

Actually, the vision you speak of cannot be sought after.  No matter how one tries he can not force the vision even with 50-years of research and all the good intentions in the world.  What mandates the vision is the cry of the heart symbolically the cry of the baby.  It is the true DESIRE to know God.  That DESIRE God can not ignore.  Such a vision as you speak of comes at the beginning of one's researches.  Mine came in June of 1978 some four years after I began my researches and I have spent all these latter years trying to grasp and understand that vision.

I saw the sum total of all knowledge: I had a glimspe of eternity.  My mind was peppered with billions of pieces of information (in a nanosecond) explaining in every conceiveable manner why there was no such thing as death.  Simultaneously to this barrage of data upon my soul/psyche I saw myself (mind-eye) going down a tunnel directly into the light.

The vision came without warning, foreknowlege or expectation and vanished just as abruptly.  It vanished because my ego-consciousness attempted to understand it and there can be no darkness in God's light so he vanished.  There is no doubt, in my mind, that I had a glimspe of omniscience.

There is no way to retain the detail knowledge of such a vision or else the soul/psyche would pass from this world of illusion; however, since that day I have lost all fear of death.  That is the gift that God gave me that day along with the ability of pattern recognition.

At the time of the vision I had no real knowledge of anything and I still have 999.99 miles to go on this symbolic journey of a thousand miles.

Dear John,

           Thank you very much John for the very detailed analysis that you have provided. I quite liked it.

Interesting post. Have you surpassed the tunnel of light? Did you notice its vortex. It has been my experiance that it does "spin". Beyond the tunnel of light, in form of formless did you recieve "the test"? Finding at the end of the test you as you know you in the singular is a part of a whole. Hmmmm. I found past the tunnel of light, thousands upon thousands of "me" living infinite possibilities simultaneously in infinite variations of sensory based reality. That in truth i am living every direction beyond the scope of imaginable within this expression of existance as understood here in this now. Simultaneous instant. Percieved motion is established in the seperation of one as a whole. Each of my existances is forever in an instant. Quite hard to describe in ascii text. Lol! Thank you for sharing your experiance.

You would know if you recieved "the test". Best descriptor in this plane of awareness is: digested. But not in the biological sense.
To add to my comment this: at center is the prisim where all existences of myself spread in form. Like a center point of an infinite amount of me's spread like cards in a deck outward in shadows or silhouettes in every direction. It can not be seen with the eyes or physical sensory. To draw them into the center is to transcend the fractal. I can make a limited example:


Each "u" is a verriation of self awareness. Yet at the center is the point of disposition that is expressed here on earth, now. The omnipresence of understanding is the alignment of experiance between each variation. The "master" achieves this. Knowing self in all segmented variations as a whole. Transcending the bias perception of a singular piece. Finding peace.

Not sure if that makes sense or not but i hope it does. ;)
Each u, percieves itself as an autonomous state. Yet it is only a variation of u in infinite expressions.

The above theory is from Gurujef books. Tray to bring your own experience.

that IS my experience. i have flat lined 9 times, friend. i do not know who gurujef is. yet i do not have to know who he is to know his understanding,  as all is provided in the instant i need it. knowledge is certain, perception is biased. Thought is a constant. 

from the English resources. did gurujef right this?

"Bra hman  is  all-in elusive-an  Absolute  which  ineludes  all possible  pairs of  relatives and  is not

separate  from  or  outside  of  these,  but  is  the

Totality  of  them  all,  remembering  that  the

pairs are pairs of opposites and so  in  the totalisation  become  abolished, pIns anclmlnus  summed

up making  zero"

translation of Sanskrit.

"zero" is the name i received on the other side of life as I told David Melik when i joined here. no offence accepted. where there is no ego, there is no offence. simply a mis understanding. .

`n (He lives)

Yes, write not right. I meant right. Its a pun.

Perhaps, you can point me towards this gurujef's books friend.

 Hi, friends!

 maybe Balaji Narasimha meant G. I. Gurdjieff ;-)



They exist!! but, as you say,... SO?

I DO believe they exist...but we have to be prepared to see them!! You would be stone cold amazed too, if you realize one day that Superman, Spiderman,Fantastic Four or Thor existed, so...WHY NOT believe that these Superhuman exists?

They are MEN, also...but...they have powers that excede our imagination...or maybe, only fortell...


Cheers :D

I think noone puts it better than mr. N' s...


Everything else's is from the MIND, the brain itself, and it is nothing but blahblahblah's...

Joe you said "who cares?" Regretfully I'm too busy get to this site very often, but to this question I raise both hands affirmatively. At our weekly SD class last night we came across the following (Secret Doctrine 2:592):

"Belief in 'Creators,' or the personified Powers of Nature, is in truth no polytheism, but a philosophical necessity. Like all the other planets of our system, the Earth has seven Logoi — the emanating rays of the one 'Father-Ray' — the protogonos, or the manifested 'Logos' — he who sacrifices his Esse (or flesh, the Universe) that the world may live and every creature therein have conscious being."

This is apparently a postulate of a hierarchical system where life on inhabited globes is initiated and consciousness awakened, both nature and man. Why would this embedded hierarchical system suddenly be abandoned, and man and nature left on their own at our unenlightened stage? I venture to say that we would long ago have destroyed ourselves and everything else on Earth (viz. Atlantis) were it not for the watchful and compassionate presence of divine beings in our midst?


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