Great question.  Who cares?  Their existence (or lack thereof) is of no importance.

We need to stand on our own and look for truth in the things that can be proven and not in the realm of useless speculation.

Perhaps if we lived be best lives that we could, loved wisdom for its own sake and treated others as a reflection of ourselves, we wouldn't need to be concerned with such useless matters.

When that day arrives we will regard such silliness as chasing after mahatmas, gurus, masters, etc. the way we react to the idea of eating rocks.

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The search for God is not a fellowship: that is left for the classroom, where the basics are imparted to the uninitiated.  The teacher can pass on the alphanumeric system and teach you how to read and use arithmetical digits but what can not be passed on is the willingness of the student to use these tools once he or she has matriculated to the next stage.

Do you actually believe that the mundane teachings of the world have anything to do with God?  The scribes of antiquity had to use alphanumeric tools to cloak the word of God.  The Word of God is not the surface story line of the Sacred Scriptures.  It is not even the alphanumeric system (esoteric science) codified beneath the texts attempting to explain the Word of God.  Rather it is discourse between the surface story line and the esoteric system that is the Word of God.  Yes, you can memorize the surface story line and you can learn to cull out the esoteric science but there is no way on God's green earth anyone can teach you the discourse between the two.

These two systems are analogous to your own ego-consciousness and your own Shadow: unconscious mind.  Only you can discourse your own mind.

I have personally found dozens of interpretations to the first letter and the first word of Genesis: BETH and BERESHITH.  Yes, I can show you how I obtained those interpretations but what about passing on how to do it.  That cannot be done. I can tell you that the entire Old and New Testaments are commentaries on the first letter of Genesis; however, I cannot pass on how to validate that.  I would have a better chance of catching the wind in my bare hands.  Yes, I can tell you how to research the Hebrew and Greek alphabets and how to cull the mathematical patterns in the texts but that would be basics because then you PERSONALLY would have to actually do the work.  Each time I had personally made another discovery in the esoteric science I was just as far from my next discovery as the neophyte is to his first.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT YESTERDAY'S MANNA.  How do you teach that to someone.

If you really want to learn these things then you better be prepare to do battle with God because that is what it will take.  Go out there in the world and mandate from God what is owed to you.  Scream to the high heavens that you are his son and you are worthy of your birthright.  Because if you have not the itchy-goomies to do it then get off the playing field.  

Bravo! Well said. This numerical system you are speaking of, is it Gematria? Ive recently been studying Qabalah for the purpose of acquiring knowledge of Gematria. Im beginning to develop a basic understanding but can tell I have a long way to go. I know how to convert the characters into numeral and then back again but I am having difficulty recognizing when and when not to apply it. My friend Solon has been helping me the best he can but as you say, I have to be willing to concentrate and receive the knowledge necessary to fully understand. If there is any guidance in this matter you can offer, it will be greatly appreciated.

 Hi, please excuse my delay in answering.

 I think that the terms "God" and "common good" are equivalent, that the best way to understand "God" a little is to engage in understanding what is common good.

 Teaching and learning are not mechanical, automated processes: to truly learn, the student has to be creative. This capacity cannot be given by the teacher, and my opinion here is that creativity is already within each human being, although in most people it remains hidden beneath the conditioning of our insane society.

 I think that the art of teaching is the most holy of all arts, so the aswer to your question is: yes I think that mundane teachings have everything to do with God, that God's will is that we humans learn to live healthily in this world. God is transcendent and also inmanent and, in my opinion, a sound approach to God has to include both aspects.

 I have not studied the sacred texts of humanity as alphanumerical systems. I think that this is one of the keys to reach the deeper meanings in them, but not the only one. I'd say that there's more in the surface story line than it seems.

 And YES!  battle is part of the process. 


Actually, teaching is an oxymoron.  Why do you think there are tests because that truism is known to be a fact.  The most the 'teacher' can do is display or  talk about the subject.  Each person has their own interests and for the most part it is not what society wants to cram down your memory banks.  Most people go through life believing there are gurus out there somewhere in the world that will give them the wisdom they need to live this life.  Actually, the individual has to learn that he or she is the VOICE they have been waiting to hear; sorrowfully, they are too busy chasing after that mirage of a guru to hear the sound of their own inner voice.  99 out of a 100 attempts to find that mythical guru there will be those that are willing to educate you our of your hard earned monies and in the end you will have a handful of autumn leaves: all dried up flaking in your hands.

GOD IS NOT THE COMMON GOOD.  He is a destroyer of worlds and all that humans believe is evil but is actually all that is good.  Using the word COMMON places God in a fellowship.  God does not want the soul/psyche to come to him in a fellowship or to regurgitate what the classroom heard out of a lecture or a book.  Rather God knows the heart and what the soul/psyche truly knows and understands about him.  True knowledge of God cannot be obtain in fellowship or else God would have a world of clones.

I am not saying that your way is wrong.  There are two ways to spirituality: The Animal Envoy or the Way of the Seeded Earth (Hermetic Science).  These two are not compatible and therefore I would suggest that if you want the COMMON GOOD then the Hermetic Sciences are not for you.


 Having written that "teaching is the most holy of the arts", I must continue exposing my position.

 The society in which we are living, no matter the country, is insane. Only collective insanity can make possible the present distribution of world's resources and all the deaths and suffering it causes. We happen to live in a time when it is possible to satisfy the four essential needs ( house, food, medecine, school) to all humanity, and this is not done or considered as a priority.

 This, when written in words is only an opinion, but within, where it counts, it is much more, it is "something that comes from God", to use the broadest and simplest terms, and it BURNS! 

 One of the ways that this insanity uses to perpetuate is education practiced as conditioning. Tests show that the victim has been properly conditioned, displaying or talking about the subject like the teacher has done, as you have written.

 But there are also good quality teachers in the world, people who teach from the heart with their example. Then it's true education, the energy involved is quite different: they inspire the student to make the effort to truly learn. Like my dear English teacher in high school! I don't think I'd be writing here today if he had not given me the exercise of writing a tale in English more than 20 years ago. She is teaching English teachers in India as a volunteer now. Hail her and all good teachers!!! 

 Education is the way to heal this collective insanity we all suffer from.

 God is both transcendent, beyond any multiverse and beyond my best thoughts or anyone's and inmanent, within all humans and within every atom and sub-atomic particle/wave. If God were not both, then God would be limited. 

 True education is about helping the younger realize and express this inner divine quality, present in every human being and usually called soul. As it is everywhere, it can be called "common good".

 This is the true esoterical tradition, beyond any ritual, form, idea or book and also within them all, as old as humanity, within all forms but not limited by them, transmitted always by living example.

 We humans all share divinity, from the eldest and wisest brother to the most uncultivated fellow. Each one expresses divinity in his or her particular way, but we do it all together. Because we all breathe the same air each one can speak his or her words; because we all thread the same planet each one can walk his or her unique path. Every of our actions affects people around us, and this makes a web of connections that embraces us all.

 This website is an example of the kind of fellowship I mean. Here we all share our understanding and enrich each other with our ideas. Even if the only benefit of our dialogues here was the clarification of each one's unique position and opinion and there were no further agreement, this would be a real benefit. But it think that here we really help each other grow in wisdom and understanding, that the whole is more than the mere sum of the parts.

 Each one expresses divinity in an unique but not separated way. The theosophical ideal as I see it is the manifestation of all the aspects of the one divinity through each individual and nation, each one in his way, but aware of interdependence, like the letters in a word, each one necessary but none able to do it alone. 


Symbols are the architect of the mind in autonomy. Prefrence dictates the judgment of "good" and "bad". Simply put. Pride of life, keeps you.

Even more simple.


True freedom is neither stated, defined or permissed. By those the parameters of limit are established.

In order to capture the wind in your hands, be the wind.
The above statement is not to induce provocation. Where the cacluations of course disolve symbolism, preferences drive is resolved. It is there, polairity is transcended.
A "master's" claim to rite of master is only as good as the expression of the divine through. As lifted in excellence is only a result of the divine will. Not achievement. What is all encompassing has no sides, has no opposite. The divine mind sees all knows all, is all. Wether dreaming or awake. Illusion or reality , it is the divine mind that encompasses all ideas and truths. No one person holds all the keys for masters are perceptions and ideas of the melody being played. Degrees and dimensions is viewing light through the prism of the minds eye of the observer. 33 degres leaves out the remainder and seperates i from the I. Achievements structure is based in separation and lack. I have found hole in whole as a result of seperation only. Tooo what degree?!!! Read: to what, degree? Another: to, what degree? And yet another: to, what, degree?

I am heaven. Two what degree?

I am heaven. Too what, degree?

I am heaven. To, what degree?

It is the quest of the question to seek the answer. The answer is sometimes found in the question.. yet it knows not that it has the answer within. Forgetting that as it seeksoutside of itself for what can only be found within. It was always the answer.
Even Fibernacci's spiral is the spawn from nothing moving away from itself. Creating structure from the point of zero (infinity).

Clever statements, platitudes and all manner of philosophy has nothing to do with the quest to know THYSELF.

It is mournfully true that the only thing worth knowing is THYSELF: there is nothing else worth knowing.

The most horrific and frightening thing that most people will not do, but MUST eventually learn to do, is spend an hour a day along with oneself.  That is such a boring projection that few indeed would stomach what they wil encounter in such a session.  I am not talking about an hour and stopping.  I am talking about hour a day for at least a year and see if you could stand doing it.  MOST people would rather be with the most obnoxious person in the world then to spend time with oneself.  In fact do you know that most people do spend their lives with people they dislike and dispise because the alternative is inconceivable: spending time with oneself.  There is something psychically wrong with someone that has the humiliating gull to say "I AM LONELY".  That is a lost individual because he or she cannot stand being with him or herself.  That person is to be pitied.

Do you really think you want to enter into the Quest to know God and to learn about who you truly are: then take this challenge of an hour a day with yourself: not with friends, family or another: JUST YOU.  Do you really think you can stomach someone like yourelf or will you go screaming into the streets at the very thought of the idea?

I spend 2-3 hours a day. Sometimes a whole 24 hours and maybe more.. it is important as you said. I dedicate time daily to reserve some me for me. Call it prayer or meditation or what have you. I have found there is more to knowing me then knowing me. The divine dictates corrective thought and absolute knowldge comes in the abide.

Dear William,

             You are quite correct , mine was a personal angle of vision which necessarily may not have universal applicability, I do agree with your view - The fault is entirely of my own making , maybe I was presumptuous in making statements that can neither be "demonstrated'' or evidentially proved but as you say , have been around for ages within various thoughts in every religion. Would I be correct in interpreting Solomons Temple as a symbol of his consecration of knowledge , he himself being known for his wisdom , and possibly if one tried hard enough one would be able to (in the world of symbols) have a beatific vision of the same (as with the holy Ark) ?


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