What Is the Biggest Idea That Changed Your World?

Once again I have stolen an idea (they taste better stolen) that just seemed too good to pass up.  Puzzlesolver was all excited about a book he got by Time called 100 Ideas That Changed the World.  It hit me that perhaps in each of our own worlds we have an idea or two that blew us away at some point and ended up shaping our lives.

So with that, I'll chime in first.  To me it was the concept of Platonias, as presented by Julian Barbour in his book The End of Time.  A complete reframing of time in a basically timeless existence.  That was a brain popper that still informs how I look at existence.

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Judging by Jared Leto's music, he's a man after my own heart (and, most likely, my aspergic mind). I found his first CD at the same time I began investigating eastern philosophy, and the correlation is beautiful. This entire debut album was inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune, another book I was reading at the same time, which was not planned at all. Little coincidences are rampant in my life. 

So here's my personal game-changing idea:

"All of your life, trying to be, you are the One you cannot see. All of my life, trying to be, I am the One you cannot see."

Link: Phase 1: Fortification


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