In a recent note to someone I had mentioned some reasoning behind the discussion on the Stanzas of Dzyan.  Recently, the thought came to mind, what else did we miss?

Perhaps a good question here is to gather a list of questions that result from comments made by HPB (and others) that either left more questions than answers or did not sufficiently answer a question, and results in confusion today.  Of course, this does not only apply to Blavatsky, but also to others who in their incompleteness or by omission, left gaps in their explanations.

So, let's have at it and have fun.

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I think Paul here could shed some light on the operations of both the British Museum and the Vatican Library,

Sorry, no. 

as he is not only a recognized scholar, but a former head Librarian in Boston.

Sorry, no.  Major case of mistaken identity here!  Small town Virginian.

Paul, would you know if these two institutions could be of any help in tracing now any details concerning personal HPB visits, if any?

Sorry, no.  I've never heard of any library keeping records of patron visits from the 19th century.

Sorry, Paul, I could swear I'd read that in as bio about you. Well, you should be recognized, if you aren't already!  Can't recall where I read all that, maybe it will come to me.

Paul, it did come to me. In the wikipedia entry about you, it says you retired May, 1, 2008 as head Librarian at the Halifax County South-Boston library. Here's the page below.

Joe, I do think this is relevant. It's a reply to the thread concerning Blavatsky quotes from rare Occult books she couldn't have had access to, introduced by June Vallyon. Paul replied that someone had theorized it could have been a result of "photographic memory." I'm just following that up.

Thanks, Paul, for clearing up the possibility of library records from the 19th century and indicating there would be none. It was a long shot, but thought I'd bring it up.



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