Hi, friends!

 I am a fan of HPB, and I'm also a fan of Helena Roerich and the Agni Yoga books. My opinion is that Agni Yoga books come from the same source than HPB's. What do you think about it?

 PS: I'm not a member of TS or Agni Yoga society.

 Have a nice day, everyone! 

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Having read a few of the Agni Yoga books, I can't say it seems to me that they come from M or K.H. But then again, I never met either of them--so who knows?

I think one needs to be careful with all channeled materials and take them totally at face value. For one, spending too much time analyzing the supposed source can cause one to miss whatever wisdom might be contained in the work. It may be instructive to ask oneself why it matters whether or not Morya was the one Helena Roerich was channeling--if she was channeling anyone at all.

In my experience, the Agni Yoga books have many pearls of deep wisdom that I've found useful, and they also contain a lot of prose that makes no sense to me whatsoever.

As I first started reading The Call, the question of its "authenticity" hovered on my mind. By the time I started Leaves II, I had decided that it is totally possible that Helena Roerich wasn't channeling anyone or anything other than her own unconscious mind, but that the wise bits were nevertheless wise. Then again, she may actually have been channeling M...but that doesn't render the nonsenical bits any more valuable to me.

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hi to everyone!

I am looking for a serious person with whom it will be possible to discuss Agni Yoga and Theosophy books. Who read Agni Yoga would indicate oneness. Agni Yoga stays that it is the progressive theosophy.


The disciple of theosophy should search for clues for personal implementations of the theosophy and not spend too much time on investigating abstract theories.


Time is passing and we can make ourself Arhats or....just theosophy scientists.


I am on skype -


 Thanks to all who have expressed their opinions! I'm sorry, but due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot spend as much time as I wish on this nice website.

 Dear Vitaly, I am crazy... but I take the School of Living Ethics seriously.

 Blessings from the Heart to everyone!!!  

Excellent point, James. Thanks for bringing this out.

I've often felt that the acrimony and many of the disagreements of the various metaphysical/spiritual schools of thought, East and West, could be eliminated if all sides accepted that all information/insights, etc., coming from the higher realms and higher consciousness is a stepdown, usually several times, plus, as you pointed out, it goes through the personality of the receiver and the culture of the time involved.


There will never be full agreement of everything, but it can be understood by all that the highest understandings and direct experiences of higher realms will come out expressed in language with seeming paradoxes and contradictions to the logical mind.


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