To understand the next evolutionary step in Humanity, it may help to look at the DNA of our prior ancestors. The following article covers one person and results doing precisely that. It may help make a dent in the recent status question presented by David.


Searching for Answers in Very Old DNA -

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Thank you for the article. I had wondered along those lines before, it is good to begin to see some of the failed branches looking down the human family tree.

Maybe that is something that is needed, a reminder that we (as humans) are not the destination, we are not even the traveler walking down the path, we are merely the fleas on that traveler.

"merely the fleas on that traveler"

I like that phrase.

Sometimes I wonder if we will mess with our genes to move in a way that is not naturally determined. We do no not want to get rid of our "junk" DNA -- that stuff proves very useful. Items we find useful, and unuseful, can be needed or on the other hand hinder the next steps. It is a tricky dice game.

Hence, using technology may be a bad idea for the species in the long haul.

""junk" DNA" That would imply that we understand all there is to know about DNA. How else could we determine that parts of DNA are "Junk". For all we know, that "junk" DNA may be among the most important, it's absence may allow untold horrors to reoccur. Horrors that we (as a species) have already dealt with in the past, and it is that "battle" that has left it's mark in our DNA that we call "junk".

Given what I see in the world today, I would guess that we are now moving in unnatural ways. I think that any move or action that is detrimental to our future children is unnatural.

Technology is a wonderful thing, of that there is little argument, but there is a very large responsibility that goes with it. Technology needs to be observed or monitored very closely, anytime some unforeseen circumstance should occur, we need to recognize the unforeseen as a failure of our understanding and the offending technology removed from our society before those unforeseen things can interact and move us further from our "natural" selves.

>>Technology is a wonderful thing, of that there is little argument, but there is a very large responsibility that goes with it

so true. We have done little to do that. It also starts with the people understanding more of what and why it works. Otherwise, ill-informed decisions abound.

That is so true, the problem is that understanding how or why things work is an evolving process. So to some degree, all decisions are ill-informed.

Good Point! One just does the best you can with the current information you have. The trick is to not commercialize it too soon. Companies have gotten way out of hand. The lecture on Psychiatry and genetic information usage is full of good examples.  (posted as a previous discussion recently)


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