Finally, the contract between TS and Nader has been published.

What follows is the whole contract.


This is the official lease.
It has very interesting information.
The document is not a secret document.
It was legally obtained



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Anyone visiting Adyar TS Estate can see many shrines – Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Christian

Allowing meat & alcohol in Damodar Gardens is shocking.

More shocking is the unanimity of Governing Council members who are supposed to know better.

Looks like TS did not educate Shiv Nadar, the billionaire behind the School. Was he invited and taken round the TS Estate? He knows meat and alcohol are banned near spiritual places.

Looks like TS leaders failed and were blinded by the money and assurance by lawyers that meat/alcohol issue would be kept secret from members and public.

Now the credibility of TS leaders and TS itself is damaged

TS leaders have explaining to do

Future of theosophy is at stake



M K Ramadoss Digital Reporter Theosophy News

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The official contract between Theosophical Society and Nadar School is downloadable on Internet.

But, Theosophical Society has not officially informed its dues paying members of the details, especially financial details and other give away of rights, in the contract.

The greatest shocking black mart is allowing the School to consume Meat and Alcohol on Adyar theosophical society property, which permission is explicitly stated in the contract.

Obviously this issue was discussed and Theosophical Society agreed to the demands of Nadar School. Instead of educating Shiv Nadar what Theosophy stands for and theosophical leaders stand up for very high moral standards(???) and in addition due to the sacredness of Adyar estate with all the temples, there is zero tolerance for Meat and Alcohol which is the norm in all Hindu Temples in India.

Shiv Nadar, a Hindu, born, educated, living in India is fully aware of the sanctity of Hindu Temples and zero tolerance for Meat and Alcohol in sacred places such as ashrams and temples. He knows in cities like Haridwar and Varanasi, eating meat and drinking alcohol will land you in prison; they are criminal offenses.

The responsibility for the bad decision stops at the top of TS. Due to the decision, theosophists have lost their moral credibility when they try to bring Divine Wisdom to the suffering masses. Divine wisdom never supported killing of sentient beings for food and recommend drinking alcohol. [TS Members who grew up in the meat and alcohol culture of the West, may not agree since membership of TS requires only support for Universal Brotherhood.]

A man in the streets of Chennai knows the sanctity of Hindu Temples and Ashrams and knows meat and alcohol are banned. So now theosophists are a laughing stock in Chennai.

The contract was drawn by experienced lawyers with tight non disclosure agreement to prevent the details coming out. The non disclosure terms would have given confidence in keeping meat and alcohol issue super secret from members and public. The Governing Council which unanimously supported the decision, also would have felt comfortable that the decision would not come out. They were all wrong!

The governing council has the leaders of various sections (all supposed to know Divine Wisdom better than you and me - students of theosophy) and they have sat in judgement on members and kicked them out secretly. Now it is time who is going to sit in judgement on them for the meat and alcohol decision.

Members may be silent due to fear of getting kicked out or don't care what is going on at Adyar.

But the damage has been done and is not going to be easy to fix. Nadar Contract was signed sealed and delivered and TS collected the money. TS is stuck with the decision for next 43 years.

In pre Internet days, it was very easy for TS to control dissemination of information. Today's environment is different. With Facebook and Twitter, world gets informed instantly and both the platforms are free. So the world now knows the meat and alcohol episode at Adyar.

Let us also thank newsmedia and theosophy news in discovering and disseminating the details of the contract to the world. Contrary to the belief of secrecy, the contract is not secret and newsmedia got hold of it in legal methods and Theosophical Society and its leaders got caught and their bad decision is hurting the credibility of theosophy and Theosophical Society.

M K Ramadoss
Digital Reporter
Theosophy News


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