If you were new to this planet, and the three major religions were as follows:

Plankton worshippers
Coffee (caffeine) worshippers
Bubble Wrap worshippers

Which religion would you be drawn to, and why? What new religion would you offer the beings on this planet?

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I guess I'd go for plankton: worshiping the fountain of life seems quite appropriate.
Excellent idea! I have decided that I would create a trinity of plankton, caffeine and bubble wrap, but I would make it in a circle like reduce, reuse and recycle. So if my coffee contained plankton, I would just wrap it in bubble wrap and send it to another planet to get them to join. I have to admit, I do rather worship bubble wrap.
The Lightbulbs'R'Us religion... :)
I wish!
Hmmmm. I'd start out worshipping Bubble Wrap and then after numerous lives enjoying popping bubbles (including other people's), I'd have to start seeing sense and become "one" with the air INSIDE the bubbles. Then I might gain some respect for the Plankton followers with their obsession for the primordial (which I must admit secretly appeals to me), and a decisive (dis)regard for Coffee worshippers because really they are worshipping the sublime caffeine behind the Coffee, but can't see it, and so they've really made a mess of things and created all sorts of organizations (ehem--churches) to satisfy their somewhat psychologically-disturbing addiction. Especially when they start a crusade to convert us happy-go-lucky-c**-zen Bubble-Wrappers and the more polytheistic Planktonites.

... disturbing. :D :D :D

I might add that those who worship Bubble Wrap aka Bubble Wrappers realise the ultimate truth that as we are the Bubble Wrappers (those who love, use and wrap ourselves in Bubble Wrap) so we become also the Bubble Wrappers (or "wraps"--those bubble wraps which we have come to love)--which are ultimately a manifestation of the monadial Bubble Wrap.

Having said that, there are three kinds of Bubble Wrappers, which reveal particular psychological insights (that I will leave for you to infer yourself):

1. Those who love popping bubbles
2. Those who love being cushioned, protected and coddled (even if possibly their bubble will be ultimately popped ...so goes Samsara)
3. Those who love being a bit of both

:P hehehehehehe
:O Amazing! The diversity of our great religions! .... I think I'm done following any one religion ... they are all sacred .... especially the Bubble Chocolate bit which particularly appeals to the hedonist in me. :D


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