Do you not think it would be good to have a Theosophy portal on Wikipedia so it can go in the main portal under religion? (where most Philosophy editors would probably prefer it be.) That is just one thing about Theosophy and the net; I guess more can be discussed here. Actually I have just edited this post and added all the sites below.

Quabalah is an interesting interfaith Quabalah site that has some Trees of Life based on Revelation's '7 seals' so the trees are more like the chakra system. It has much other interesting topics also, in a book that can be downloaded, though one chapter has no link--you can type its number in an obvious pdf name in a URL to download it.

Other Quabalah-related sites are and, some of the only interfaith Essene sites that have many good translations of texts including of other religions. was an interesting site (still available in that may have been spirit[ual]ist because it had much channeling info, but they have many other spiritual texts, FAQs, art. is trying to replace it. is a site about the works of Helena Roerich, which seems Theosophy-influenced. It disagrees with some ideas, but there is also some interesting info. is a site about the works of Lucille Cedercrans, which is likely in agreement with Theosophy.

Ascended Masters
There were 2 or 3 groups that focused o'n the Ascended Masters,' but my favourite is It is just an art site but has a link to an interesting book by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne who wrote books like Beyond The Himalayas and The Yoga of The Christ giving accounts of his trip there and to Tibet. One day someone just appeared at the artist's door and gave her the former book, and that person or another also came to her house to specifically ask about her art and spread it.

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This is really the sort of thing that should be discussed on wikipedia. Just put it up on the discussion board under theosophy - or theosophy portal if one exists. But I do agree - it fits religion better than philosophy.
No, I don't think that is the proper classification for theosophy. As far as classification goes, I think the "spirituality" category is close, though I think that theosophy should be the main category and "spirituality" listed as one of the subcategories. But that doesn't appear to be the accepted practice as I don't know of any such sites using theosophy as a category heading.
You may want to read Blavatsky's article, "Is Theosophy A Religion," if you want to see what she wrote on the subject.
Summary of that article: theosophy is not A religion, it's religion itself. But yes - theosophy is spirituality too - the word wasn't in use in the way that it is now in the 19th century.

Is there a 'spirituality' category on wikipedia? Still, given that theosophy is also a religious movement - I think it's very likely to fall under the heading of religion.
Religion and spirituality are one category in most taxonomies anyhow.
There is a wiki article on theosophical society and theosophical society (Adyar). In the latter, this ning site and theos-talk are mentioned. You may want to visit and see.
ok people i shall try to connect with some like minds or spirits that is cheers
If Theosophy had anything to do with religion I would not be within a thousand miles of it.


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