Only had a chance to dip into this new book.  Half of it is early history, up to the 1920s, of Theosophy in Canada; the other half is biographical sketches of several Canadian theosophists. 

It is published by the Edmonton Theosophical Society, PO Box 4587, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5G4; the ISBN is 9780968160244; 384pp, paperback.

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Is it available as pdf file?
The cost for Theosophy In Canada is $30 plus $7 for shipping  to the US; overseas shipping is $10.

Thanks for the info.


However, for theosophists outside USA, especially in developing countries, $30 is a lot of money. I hope the publishere would make it in pdf form soon.


Usually when there is a demand and publisher does not respond with electronic copies, sooner or later one finds pdf copies in cyberspace. This has happened to various other important publications which are too pricey or out of print.


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