Hello, dear new friends! I'm new here and it's my first post.

First I want to say that I've grown up hearing about Theosophy and I've been part of Eubiose (a Theosophical society from Brazil) when younger. So I tend to base my life on these teachings.

Well, but I'm completely attracted by Wicca. But at the same time I have some major questions about this religion that will make me know it's true nature.

First I want to know what is the Theosophical view about Wicca, if it's a religion that deals with White or Black magic and it's real purposes. Second, I want to know what were the real intentions of Gerald Gardner when bringing to light this religion. And there's something more that is strange: during their Great Rite, the High Priest and the High Priestess pratice the "Hieros Gamos" or sacred marriage. Folowing H. P. Blavatsky teachings she would consider it regular sex magic ( Black magic) or a pure representation of the creation?

Please, I really need these answers, I can't rest while I don't have them!


Thank you so much!

          Lady Line

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Hello where as I am a Witch, I am not Wiccan.

However Wiccan is Neo Pagan, it is a religion and belief system that follows a Crede, and harms none, and really they dont do what you would call Dark , or black magick. That types of magick is actually against the nature of wicca.

Wicca is actually older then Gardners version of it, it is very old, and like all things, new ideology and philosophy is added. Wicca is about earth based beliefs and spirtualism, they meditate, and there greetings are Merry Meet,

Well Met, etc. They tend to be positive, and if you want my psychological perspective on it ask me sometime.


Thanks and Blessings Devilwoman


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