The word itself must be a misnomer. Find me one person other than God that is perfect and does not make a mistake somehow, just one. But maybe there's hope for a better definition. Like I have overcome my anger, my emotions my wanting to be right (all the time). I bring up the word experience which leads to experiences.

Are we the same person we were ten years ago? Do we somehow change (our mind our ways our thoughts or our actions toward others from bad to good or vice versa? can we learn from them and change for the better? We get aware of these actions then it our place to evaluate them (for the better)? I,ve seen and understand my past and corrected a lots of wrong attitudes because of my age and experiences. 

I feel better for it. I was prejudice and bias againts prejudice and bias and injustice, before I heard the other sides story. There also has been a two sided coin, show me a one sided coin? I wonder how different I will think in ten years? Thoughts please? Paul

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If I were perfect there would be no trouble in my life. If I were perfect it wouldn't matter who I was with or what circumstances I was in, I would always do the right thing or say the right thing so that any potential for trouble would be negated and not have the support needed to manifest itself.

If this is true then I must recognize that this means any trouble I perceive in my life can only exist in those areas in which I have acted or chose imperfectly. So trouble or friction can be viewed as an opportunity to grow and learn. To become more than I currently am. A tool by which to identify and alter those perceptions of myself that have mislead me.

This would say that I have the potential for being perfect.

If I have the potential to be perfect, then at least 1 solution to any trouble I perceive can be found within me. Which would indicate that I am perfect, That I am just not conscious of it, so my choices and actions lack the influence of faith in my perfection, encouraging trouble to manifest.


Adam and Eve were created without flaw or perfect and with a free will. My question to that will always be, did they know about what happens when one sins? Even God told them what would happen if they ate from the tree of life. Then they ate from the tree of life. I love knowledge and to do the right thing morally but why do I make mistakes? Adam and Eve had a choice and took it as do we. But the consequences are material death. Is that rational reasoning?

I think the word perfect is a misnomer it's like the paraphrase "what is truth". I don't want to be perfect but understand without doubt or question. And that's about close as I can come to it. Paul 


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