It seems people in some cases will not accept the word (change) for I was one. I see change everywhere I look concerning todays problems which are world wide. Governments and there economics are at the top of the list. It's not only local but world wide. My question is why world wide?

Are we truly living in the (last days)? Violence is increasing exponentially at a rapid pace, why?  How much is to much and will it implode are explode? If I could leave the planet I would, but will have to wait until my time. It's a shame because of the estimated time we have been here, thousands of years, if not more, we still have not learned the way of living together that's called peace. Paul

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There have been a lot of books on the information age and the shrinking of the world. The days of statements like "what is good for GM is good for America" are gone. I think we live in some form of global corporacracy.


In any case - we are actually in a very fragile state. The communication system is too critical for comfort. Grocery stores cannot order supplies without the internet - that is a bit scary.


Analog communication is pretty easy. Digital parts are impossible to replace without a digital system in place. Analog parts can be created with low tech garage junk...

The digital parts are easily damaged. I still worry about a good-sized CME solar flare to hit us head-on. One direct hit and whole power grids go down. The EMP is pretty strong. Our satellites are old. Without them, we cannot see Huricanes approach, global weather effects hitting etc.  The last weather satellite we have on the Atlantic ocean (for USA) is old. The replacements have been delayed due to congress NOT acting for several years.  I expect the US may ask the EU, India or china for help (or Russia I guess). One really needs geocentric satellites....   (those spatial locations are getting crowded though). Satellites take a LONG time to build. Each one is often nearly "one-time only" device to design and build.


I try not to think about these things too much. one can get a bit paranoid.


I agree with the  global global corporacracy. It had to happen at some time. Maybe we are in the last days. Paul

no, I doubt it. I have lived through so many end-of-the-worlds. yet another? sorry.

Bible prophecy is wrong (or at least contradicts itself) on that.


Just another time when Nature purges people off the earth. Happens every few centuries. The more people - the bigger the purge. Mankind survives everything, as a species.




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