Some commentary on the quatrain:

As you start on the way, the way appears.

Wen you cease to be, real being comes.

Think of how you came into this world.

Can you explain how that was? No? The same way

that you came is the way you will leave.

You wander landscapes in your dreams.

How did you get there? Close your eyes and surrender,

and find yourself in the city of God.

But you are still looking for admiration.

You love how your customers look at you.

You love to sit at the head of the assembly.

You close your eyes and see people applauding

as surely as an owl shuts and sees the forest.

You live in an admiration-world,

but what do you offer your admirers?

If you had true spirit-gifts to give,

you would not think of customers.

Rumi- translated by Coleman Barks

We must ask ourselves,

what is our motivation?

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