Some of the things I have discovered about lies are:

1. every lie starts from truth.

2. the longer a lie exist, the more lies it requires to maintain it.

Some things I have discovered about truth are:

1. The truth is simple (it has to be, it existed before all this complexity)
2. every lie starts from truth
Now, if you were given truth, in order to understand it you would begin breaking it into pieces (so to speak). First into it's major components, then into the components that make those up, and so on, and so on.
If you were to complete this task you would be surrounded by a pattern of 1 leading into 2 (or more) spreading out all around you.
From the center looking out (your perspective) all you see is truth.
From the outside looking in, all you see are lies.

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I think you are assuming a deterministic reality. There is evidence against such thinking. It can occur in Man as Free Will.

Well, it seems to me that determinism has a place in our universe, of course so does our free will. The way I see things, determinism is what results from an act of free will (a choice).


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