The Pinnacle of Corporacracy:
Corporations just do not have a country in which they live. There is no National pride if you are multi-national. So, when you control the jobs, you control the work force. It is a form of slavery with throw-away slaves and no one to blame. Is this where we are at? Has this occured before in the historical records of any collective of Nations? I do not think so. Historians may help me on that point.

The article by Annie Lowrey in the The New York Times (11/17/2013) seems to look at it from a stuctural breakdown of the economy. So, what does happen when the breakdown occurs? Are the corporations going to act in a responsible manner? Will they prove that the special treatment received by various Nations' laws, passed by a democracy, will have been a good investment for the country (the people who technically control it)? I also am somewhat caught in this trap. It has no solution unless farther-reaching minds develop.

See:     "Caught in Unemployment's Revolving Door"

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